I know i overused this 'snowmagaddeon' word on my FB and Twitter, but it's seriously the worst snow ever that happened across the East Coast.
I am glad it all happened on weekdays, coz i was so stressed over my studies coz i was suppose to have test yesterday and i was 4 chapters behind. :S Thank God schools were closed and i am safe!

So we hung out at home the whole day. Watched Nani got Red Card. Sucks!

Later on in the evening with the GILA BLIZZARD, we all went out for their restaurant's annual dinner. OMG! Damn gila...
We're all dressed up for it, that what i like about it..

I miss the CNY feel. :( I have to work somemore on CNY/Vday.
Wish everyone will have a great CNY and Valentine's Day..
Please be in the best of health..

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jacqueline said...

haha! Your video damn cute lo.

Melanie Ng said...

thanks.. wanna bring some part of my life to u guys

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