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Spring break just ended and today was the first day of class. Thank God my first class was Television, so the Monday blues isn't that bad. Television class is getting more and more interesting each week. I finally got over the 'i'm just an asian, everyone is better and more experienced than me' feeling. I actually felt i know more and better than everyone in class. :D

Wednesday my team are gonna go first to shoot our first live tv show. Hope everything turns out well and smoothly.. I will be in college early to get the studio to set up and final run through with my teammates. So glad i have such a great team. Haha..

My lecturer is actually want me to help her on a show that she plans to produce by end of this semester as a pilot, just to see how it goes. I am very thrilled and excited and i can't wait to get to work. But i have a very bad feeling, i scared good things don't come easily. :s
Hope this show works.. It'll really help me in this industry alot.


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jacqueline said...

you can do it Mel!!!=D
grab the chance and learn more things.... just be on your guard and alert lo, if you worry things wont go that well.... anyways, Good luck! i dun have much time to comment long long d...hehe.. many things to do... see ya!

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