I’ve been having weird taste of music lately.. I think it’s coz of summer..


See, i’ve been listening to tracks like this.


The XX is so awesome.


By the way, Eminem’s new album, Recovery, is another awesome possum album to buy. Definitely a very different style from the old Eminem, but this album is full of relationship sensitivity.


Plus, i have been listening to Norah Jones’s tracks whenever i bring the kids to the pool or to just hanging out by the beach. So relaxing.. I can sleep to Jones’s songs.. Makes me miss sipping Coffee Bean’s Swedish Berries Iced Tea at a hot evening at Jalan Wong Ah Fook. Just sitting by the busy street watching cars passing by and listening to Jazz, so nice..


I miss Fall/Winter. Summer is too hot. Makes me NEED to swim every day. If only i live by the beach..

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wan lin said...

"I am yours now i dont ever have to leave,
I've been found out, so now i'll never explore"

tell me bout it man, the xx is friggin awesome!=D

looking great at the beach mel!*hugs*

Melanie Ng said...

yea.. love the xx. are their album on sales in msia?

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