The Adrenaline Rush Through My Vein


Spring semester is going to end soon. I had learnt so many things in my TV class, not in my ESL classes of coz. :P

Anyway, here are some results of what i had learnt.. It’s the experiences that counts. I am so blessed to be able to pursue my dreams here. I really wanna thank my teammates, classmates and Prof. Jennifer Joyce for the full support in this class and all the cooperation you gave in class.

This is my first directed commercial…

Many flaws huh? That’s because this commercial is edited LIVE in the control room!!! :s

Then this is my first project EVER in this class..

I was in charge with all of the graphics and the Graphics Generator. As usual huh?

It was all really fun!

And kudos to Katie’s team for such creative and fun commercial!

This end of semester, i’m gonna produce and direct a Game Show in my college’s channel. It’s actually a dating game show. Sounds corny huh? Trying to make it a upbeat and urban game show for the county. :D Been really stressed to put everything all up together before the ‘Pilot’/production day. Wish me all the best!

I finally found where i belong. I finally found what i wanna do in future.

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ashreena said...

Loved the commercial! Esp the screaming part..haha!! I'm sure you were on a high when watching the finish product, a real sense of acomplishment. Very impressive Mels, make sure you keep your passion burning bright! :)

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