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I’ve been really busy with the show. Doing the preparation.. I’ve given such a great opportunity to prove myself to my lecturer and myself. It’s a time for me to challenge myself to see if i have what it takes to produce and direct, or, to be in this industry.

I really hope i pick the right song, the right music that fits the show. I hope i designed a great graphic and opening and credits that makes the show impressive. I don’t want to just make a show for the sake of being a producer and  director, i wanna produce a show that has all the elements that are able to sell in the market. If the pilot is not good enough, i want to improve.

Last week, i received 2 recognition, one is from my college, another is from Who’s Who. I would really like to thank Amy, our International students Officer to nominate me to both of these recognition. It will really help my resume in future. This is my first semester, and obviously, i don’t have any GPA, but i am a little active in my clubs and classes. I’m really happy for what i got today. :D

recognition 001

recognition 020

recognition 021


I know she is watching over me..

It’s weird that my perspective changed when i am in America. When i was back home in Malaysia, i was in a race with everyone else to graduate as soon as possible and WORK. I felt so pulled back when i entered Form 6. I felt, everyone is ahead of me.. I felt, very pressured. But when i am here, i am really relaxed and focused. I am taking my time, doing things that i love, without feeling pressured by the society. There are people here who are in their 30s, 40s and 50s, are still studying.. I know a person who is 26, and she is now started studying.. She told me after high school, she traveled, danced and live the life. Now is time for her to settle down. She doesnt look 26 at all. I bet she really lived the life.. I am beginning to enjoy my life now. Doesn’t matter if i am studying while working, i am still coping well and living healthily. Unlike when i was in Malaysia, studying while working were really killing me and tire me all the time. I am looking at a different point of view in life now.. The most important thing in life is, cherish every moment and live the life like there is no tomorrow.

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