A Lill Bit of This A Lil Bit Of That

It has been awhile since i updates the blog.
Well, i had been pretty busy with college homework lately.
My classmates(one of them own a Canon T2i) and i wrote a fantastic script about 2 girls trapped in a studio late at night by a computer that takes over and the title is 'Studio 167'
Shot it and directed it. SO HAPPY with some of the shots that i directed.
But i didn't know we all have to edit our own one for our lecturer. SCREW IT!
So i am a lil behind. *tiu*

Here's some pictures to see what you've missed.

I was busy with the college basketball championship
broadcasting for the college channel
I was in charge of the audio.

My baby Sage.
She has been a very good girl.
Wankit and i love her to death!
She is so adorable.❤❤❥♥
We've been taking her to dog parks and she socializes
very well with other dogs.
I'm a proud mummy.

Our 3rd year anniversary❥.
I can't believe we've been together for 3 years now.
This is my longest relationship ever! Haha.. And it shall forever be.
I can't believe despite living together for almost 2 years,
we are still crazily in love with each other.
I really wanna thank God for sending him to be my life companion.
We were actually very excited about dinning at this
expensive Korean buffet that serves oysters, tobiko, crab, SEA URCHIN,
and many more.
But when were actually having it, we don't feel anything.
Perhaps we ate too much which made us feel uncomfy.

Me looking tired at our 3rd year anniversary coz i had
10am till 7pm classes non-stop that day.
And shooting for my film which was a pure fun!
Since now it's Spring break, i planned to cook some nice
homecook food for MYSELF.
Got Choi Geok's recipe from Natasha!
It's like everyone's traditional CNY dish.
Reminds me so much about home and my warm warm family members.
It's so delicious! Just what i've been craving for.

Then a few days ago i went over to MeiLi's place to look for her.
She live like 30 minutes drive from my place.
But she live in such an amazing and laid back town.
Brought some Choi Geok for her too, she loves it.
By the way, Meili is a Swedish mix Hong Kie, photographer.
So i can connect the most with her and our age is about the same,
so no problem at bonding.

She takes amazing pictures!

And i can read and write a lil chinese now!

我是學生。 我不是美國人。我老時都不時美國人。 我們是中國人。
我愛我的嗎嗎,爸爸, 妹妹 和 我的男朋友。

Awesome huh?

My break is coming to an end and i haven't gone any further with my Audio Production homework and my animation for Motion Graphics. DIE DIE!
Spent too much time with the dog at the park and editing my short film.
I'm a lil OCD sometimes. I want everything to be up to my standard.
I guess that's a good thing.
I'll upload it here tomorrow morning.

Time for me to hit the sheets and get some snooze!

Maybe the rest of my break i shall indulge and educate myself more with some movies!
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