Another Notebook


Here’s another movie that will make Sandra cry and Christine talk about how sad it is.

The song, Broken, made it even sadder.

Wankit said why pay money to cry? :p

I’m gonna watch it no matter what.

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Sandra said...

Omgosh Mel!
I got goosebumps all over me watching that trailer!

Melanie said...

Tell me u'll like it. coz i know u'll like it

Sandra said...

I will try and download it when the good quality one comes out
I don't think they are releasing it in the cinemas, just like My Sister's Keeper (I SOOOO wanna watch that too
Even if they are releasing it also I don't think I wanna watch in cinema since it's gonna cost me haha
But I think it will be a good movie
And I've always liked Rachel McAdams =)
And Eric Bana is ever the hot!

Melanie said...

Have you watched Funny People? Eric Bana is acting in it too.. US is showing My Sister's Keeper but haven't watch. ANother cry cry movie. huhuhuhu..

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