Claypot Chicken Rice


Another day off. Got all planned to make Claypot Chicken Rice. Got the recipes from Natasha and went to Great Wall Supermart yesterday to stocked up some ingredients. I was so excited that i didn’t sleep well last night coz i dreamt about it the whole night and about work too.

Cook the rice with Shitake Mushroom Stock, Soy Sauce, Salt and Garlic Oil.
I used this bowl to steam my ‘Claypot’ Rice.
Coz i got no claypot and my rice cooker is too small.


See how small it is?


Prepared some sliced ginger, Shitake Mushrooms and Lap Cheong


The boyfriend waiting for dinner while studying. He’s got finals tomorrow.


Pre-marinated chicken that tasted so nice!
Garlic, Rice Wine, Starch, Oyster Sauce, Black Sauce, Chicken Stock powder.
Yummy! Tender and juicy!


Stir fry lap Cheong & Ginger


Then Mushroom


Then Chicken until half cook, and add it to the rice when the rice is almost cook.


Set it to ‘Stay Warm’ for like 15-20 minutes.

Time to eat!


So delicious!

Thanks to Natasha!!!

Gonna do my Avocado homemade mask now.

By the way, my wisdom tooth hurts. :( Pray that it will go away please, i don’t have the money to go do surgery.

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