City That Never Sleeps


Got 2 days off from work. So Wankit and i headed to the city in the morning on a train. Felt so excited. I don’t know why but i love the feeling of being a tourist.



First destination : Elis Island/Statue of Liberty Ground Zero

Trying to figure out how to use Subway is interesting and confusing. But somehow from Penn Station, we ended up in World Trade Center.

Looking for Ground Zero

NY 002

Some artsy stuff in the middle of the city

NY 001

Found it! But didn’t wanna pay to get in. Don’t wanna waste money. I’ve seen the tribute online.

NY 003

Bad photography by some random tourist.

NY 005

NY 006

The recovery

NY 007

NY 009

The first destination made me realized that lots of Italians and Swedish comes to NYC for holiday.

2nd Destination : Elis Island/Statue of Liberty

Finally, we figured how to use Subway. We traveled Downtown to South Ferry to hop on a ferry to Elis Island and see that girl. Unfortunately…NY 012

The q was too long and i don’t like wasting time. So we took the more expensive one and doesn’t let you get down to Elis Island. Why not? Haha..

NY 029

NY 037

NY 049

Brooklyn Bridge

NY 059

NY 071

NY 073

3rd Destination : Canal St

In the search for Malaysian food, we went to Canal St. We were looking for this Restaurant called Nyonya at Grand St. But couldn’t find it, until we’re gonna die of hunger, we found another Malaysian restaurant.

NY 075

Canal St is actually Chinatown, like Petaling St in KL. The whole street sells fake bags and perfumes.. Exactly like Petaling St.

This is one of the coolest thing in Chinatown.

NY 078

And i found something for Christine!

NY 079

4th Destination : Best Western Presidential Hotel

NY 084

NY 085

Quite nice the room deco but the lobby is under renovation. :[ Abit potong steam. No wonder so cheap, $149 per night. But it’s in a very good location. Just 1 block away from Time Square.

5th Destination : Time Square

We saw this!

NY 087

NY 088

NY 090

NY 080

NY 098

And Hershey's

NY 086

NY 081 

Madame Tussauds

NY 109

NY 116

Wankit cheating on me!!! With J.Lo.

NY 126

Time Square during the day..

NY 103

NY 104

Broadway has Bling bling McD too!

NY 108 

Then we went to search for Ramen at 4th Avenue.
Delicious ramen i must say.. We have to wait for 30 minutes to get a seat. Drank some Sake while waiting for seat. The atmosphere and deco inside is so nice.. Busy too.

NY 176

NY 177

Sorry, forgotten to take picture of the ramen before we start dig in.

I was conned by this restaurant. We ordered some Fish Cake Appetizer that cost $8 and it’s this portion!

NY 175 

Taste quite nice tho.

Then we headed back to the hotel to have a lil rest before going back to Time Square to chill and have supper.

NY 180

NY 184

In the middle of Time Square, there are chairs and tables around for you to sit and chill. Haha.. And Starbucks is everywhere, every corner of the street.

NY 191

Even have stairs for people to sit.

NY 193

We had supper at TGIF.

Day 2

We headed to Canal St to look for Nyonya again, and we found it!!

NY 197

Then we went to Wall St

 NY 201 NY 199

Cemetery in the middle of the city

NY 202

NY 206

NY 204

NY 218 NY 211 NY 217

Grand Central next. Awesome food court!

NY 221

NY 229 NY 223

and it’s huge..

Owh! and Empire States is even larger. But didn’t went up coz it’s expensive and you’ll see blocks below only.

NY 240

Then we headed to Rockefeller Center and 5th Avenue.

NY 248

NY 249


Then we stopped by at St.Patrick’s cathedral. It’s so magnificent and peaceful.

But my camera battery died coz i forgotten to bring the charger.


0825091522 0825091524





Then we went to Columbus Circle.






And i saw something like home!

Time Warner Center! Like Pavilion.


and also this..


Exactly like home huh?

Then we hung out and chilled at Central Park.. There are people playing Jazz music in the park. so nice…

0825091636a 0825091608 0825091615

Visiting the city made me feel like a JB-ian visiting Singapore..

I kinda like New York. It’s an amazing place, such a small place, with so many population, compact and underground compact too.. And i am having sore throat too. Hope it’s not Swine Flu/Cough.

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Christine said...

wow, looks like you had awesome fun! so nicee! i wanna go to new york too! i wanna live there! haha! and thank you for the "chrystie street"! hehe, mels, you need to eat more k? :) loves!

mickyie; said...

omg. TIMES SQUARE. i have to visit there one day! looks like you had fun (:

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