More Flags More FUN : Part 2


Alright. Mummy had a bad morning coz he met daddy. Haha.. So i cheered her up with the surprise that i was gonna surprise her, which is…

gifts 001


gifts 002

Wankit picked this for mummy and i believed it’s the most suitable one there, with the ‘CC’ sign. Haha..

In Malaysia, if bring Coach bag, people will definitely think it’s fake. Haha. Hope this looks real!

It was on sales, and it’s from a Factory store and i had the 20% discount coupon and it only cost me $89!!! Yeah!! So cheap that i don’t even wanna get one for myself. I told myself i must be happy with that Coach sling bag that Wankit bought for me which his ex-girlfriend has. Perhaps i’ll buy it next year when i paid my college fees. Hopefully they’ll have this crazy sales again :[ huhuhuhu….

And i bought a Fossil watches for my Granny and sister, each.

gifts 003

gifts 004

Hopefully my family will be happy and like my gift. I miss them all.

gifts 005

So it’s no secret now about my surprise.

PS: i love the effects my camera gave, so DSLR!

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4 Responses:

Sandra said...

Can I be your mother Mel?

Christine said...

i also wanna be your mother! I WANTTTT! *stompsfeet*

Melanie said...

both of u are too young to be my mummy! haha.. i miss u both. happy back to school

Anonymous said...

n i was about to say i wanna be ur sis la coz i want the watch ...hahahaha =) -resh-

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