More Flags More Fun


Went out early in the morning to Jacksons to get some gifts, which i will update at the part 2 of this post.

Then we headed to 6 Flags! More Flags, more FUN! Their slogan. It’s a mega theme part that is so expensive but so worth going but the waiting of the rides are crazy, waited for the Batman ride for like 1 and half hour. Gila man! And it was hot like mad and the super super sunny, 96 Degree. It was pretty fun. I feel like a small kid again.

This is mega fun man, compare to Genting. I feel so sua ku when i saw this.



With Mr.Robin Hood.




People actually get signature of Tweety & Slyvester?


This is ice cream mini balls. So cool and nice!



I got a cape


So as Wankit.


It was so hot and sunny, i even got lil bit of sun burn, which i totally like. :D

Happy Day!

I’m so tired and sleepy.

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Christine said...

aww, it looks so fun! and you look hot! love what you wore! and i'm sad, cause back home, classes are starting in less than a week's time. :( so sad, cause it'll just be sand and i again.. and no mels... *cries*

Melanie said...

the weather was really hot. u better go to class more often and make sure there is xtine n sand, not just sand.. poor sand. get an organizer to write down assignment dues and class locations. i miss x

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