Happy Horrible Day

Had a very very horrible day. The day of presentation and the day of Design assignment 3 due! Very hectic. I couldn't even slow myself down. SCARY! Everything was in stinky shit. My design sucks.. Didn't really plan the layout properly. I bet he's gonna give me a very low mark. I don't like him, he's horny. YUCKS! And presentation, i suck big time. I am very sure my classmates only pay attention to me when i play the videos. :(
I wonder how am i gonna present for Social & Business Communication's next week? Damn in deep shit la my life now. Stress? Hectic? I don't know how to describe my situation now.
Anyway, today i shall chill a lil, then tomorrow i shall start on my Intro to Mass Com's assignment! OMG!

Did i mentioned that all of us look great today? Yes, including Chan! But everyone was too nervous and stress to take picture together. Lolx.. But at the end of the day, all our hard work on dressing up was drenched by those rain drops that falls on our head. :S
Luckily Christine's mate is kind enough to send me home. :D

Reshma, Mua & Christine!
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I think i am lack of sleep, that's why my eyes looks weird. Not pretty anymore.

Christmas season is here! FINALLY! I super duper love Christmas but since last year, i don't really wanna celebrate Christmas anymore, because of some certain ex-boyfriend. Really looking forward to celebrate it with my dearest lover, Chow Wankit.
I am miss him like crazy.. I wish to spend a White Christmas with him, cuddling in his arms under a blanket with both of our favourite Starbuck's Signature Hot Chocolate. So romantic huh? Looking forward for that day to come true..

But i seriously love Starbuck's Tumbler 12oz Diana White! So girly and sweet.. But it's way too expensive, RM59. I hope when there is partner's sales, this design is still there. Check it out HERE for the picture of it.

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