Jingle To The Show

Well, a short update. Was in Starbucks having a meeting cum Christmas decorating.. Had fun tho. Really really gonna be addicted to Toffee Nut Frappuccino Blended Coffee! It's fucking delicious like Caramel Coffee Jelly Frappuccino Blended Coffee too! Anyway, before i went over for the meeting, kinda rushed my Intro to Design 3rd assignment which due tomorrow! I only manage to do my cover of the CD jacket. And tomorrow my mates and i are presenting on Internet. Don't know excited or nervous. I seriously can't speak in public. Anyway, wish me luck! I'm sleepy, dozing off!

My design of CD
The Cover

And i saw this High School Musical sign board in front of my apartment, NZX. No idea what is it for.
Our deco
My partner, Bella
Lolx.. Like some trophy from Euro Cup. :D
My another partner, Jasmine.. She's a real sweet lady.
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Karthini said...

Hey, the christmas decoration is really unique looking. Huge balls! Lol..and whats up with the High School Musical sign??

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