Decode More Espresso Shots


I just had 4 shots of espresso from my store manager coz i told her i am preparing for my finals. How nice of her.. Now i am wide awake. With Microecons books and papers all over my bed and my boyfriend lying on his bed asleep instead of me.

I am missing mugging life. Especially with 987fm playing! OMG! Was trying so hard to download the plug ins to listen the radio station online coz i can't receive Spore radio station from pathetic KL. Anyway, 987fm still play the best music. Do check out their webby for more info. Owh! And they don't always play over-commercialized musics too. 

Saw this video and kinda reminds me why i love Haley Williams. She's got an awesome voice like an angel. Maybe not. But she's a very talented young lil singer with BIG voice. Check this out. 

I think i am pretty influenced by Thini and Christine to watch Twilight. I so fucking love Cedric Diggory. Too bad he didn't play much in Harry Potter, coz i so fucking love Cedric's character. Tall, dark(not so dark in the movie), and handsome, just like my boyfriend..

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Karthini said...

Oh my god!!!! I watched the movie already and im even more in love with Rob now. Haha...i've been so engrossed in the book so watching the movie was a real treat!!! Everytime Rob appeared, i was practically shivering! Lol..

Paramore's Decode is pretty cool too..and i'm curious..have you read Twilight?

Melanie said...

NO! I dun have time la.. Haha.. NOt even holiday wei.. PLenty of things i gotta do during this holiday. :(
I miss me bummer life Thini! And i miss you too! I wanna see u la

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