A Melman Lunch

I am officially OVER all presentations! Woot!! Miss Elaine said my presentation manage to achieve Attention, Interest but no Desire and Action. :[
I kinda suck in all of my presentation. I admit this presentation was kinda short and i forgotten to add in my last minute notes, thanks to my memory power. So powerless!
I'm so glad it's over and i'm done!
Now left LAN's and Intro to Design's Assignment due. I will try to finish it as soon as possible tho. Hehe.. I hope i won't procrastinate coz i am so behind my syllabus. SO need to study before finals starts on the 29th Nov! I guess the only one who knows my character when it comes to studying, it's my mummy and Wankit. :D

Ok. Anyway, had lunch with my classmates. Jia Liang bought the Melman headgear from McD today. So most of us took turn wearing it. :D
I had fun today. But very tired coz only had 3 hours of sleep the night before. So tired..
I miss Wankit. I miss living with him, being jobless(during summer) and class-less(during summer). So laid back and i had the most enough sleep of my life during summer when he was back. :D
Really looking forward to that kinda life again. In less than 2 months, 2008 is gonna end soon. Then 5 more months till he comes back. Seems long, just have to tell myself it's coming soon. Be patient. ♥

Ashreena & Christine
Jia Liang with his Melman
Me in Melman. My smile damn fake!
Melissa and i!
Reshy doing her cute face!
Nelson as our group's MBPJ
Never fail to finish our food.
Jia Liang & Patricia!
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3 Responses:

Melissa said...

Haha... nice pics... nice lunch we had d other day ^^

reshma reshu said...

yup really nice food with nice company..the best combo..so ya love u guys and many more lunch-es together =)

Melanie said...

Melissa: U dun wanna take more!
Resh: Next time can eat something cheaper not? I damn broke wei. Nirvana!!!

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