Super Uber Busy Weekend

I've been super busy this weekend. After Thursday night's work, was damn tired and sleepy so i skipped Econs class and leave Reshma & Christine alone. *sorry girls*
But i went for LAN. I kinda HATE LAN class now coz i am so bored and i'm lazy to bring my heavy laptop to college to watch movies like Sandra.
Anyway, during LAN, Miss Christine went MIA for the whole class. It was so cute coz she was like, "I'm gonna be there in 20 minutes" but didn't turn up at all. Not her fault. Poor girl! Just miss her. Didn't see her the whole day that day.
But she joined us for dinner at The Curve with Jacq, Kady(Jacq's roomie), Sandra and GEORGY! I miss that guy lots.
The funny part is, Georgy actually knows Sandra's cousins and her cousin's grandma! Hhaa..
But my favourite part is IKEA's MEATBALLS! Talking about it makes me damn hungry now. I don't mind eating it once a week. :D It's delicious!

Then on Saturday and Sunday was a HELL! Worked my ass off coz there is this Disney Lantern Show at the place. So lots and lots of people. Yes! Finally my store is a high volume store. But hell man! 3 partners in a shift! And customers came in non-stop till 12am! OMG! These 2 days really drained out my energy. Now my body is aching all over. :(
Yea.. I skipped class again.

I gotta find myself time to study for finals. Never believe i could be so slacky in college.

Friday afternoon when i was on my way to college
In Ikea when this kid eat till she sleeps. So adorable.
Jacq, Georgy and i

This is what i call friends i would wanna keep

Afif wearing our Starbucks free sampling gear.
Like ghostbuster huh?

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eh whats with the really sick pics la..some pics cannot simply put everywhere la..super not nice to look at la..hahahaaha =)

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