Alright. Enough about emo post. Life ain't about being emo 24/7! I have my own life too. Yes! Besides having a life in college, i spend most of my free time here.. at work.
I know the pay is very little and i'm not able to support myself with the amount of my pay per month.
But love the experiences i get from working here. Yes! It's the coffee and the free drinks that i love. Woo! I'm such a free loader huh? Anyway, who doesn't like drinks from Starbucks?
And i learnt and gained lots of knowledge about coffee beans. :D
I so love coffees!

So this is my store in NZX. 3 storey store.. Wankit and i used to date at the highest floor, coz 2nd floor was damn cold. And we drank Venti Hazelnut Signature Hot Chocolate. :D The Signature Hot Chocolate was nice but Hazlenut just spoil the taste. It taste nicer without or with Toffee Nut syrup. :D
This is the new shops that opened recently.. Things are quite nice there.
Yeah! Mickey Store is behind Starbucks, so as Adidas but didn't remember to take a picture of it.

And they are having these Disney Lantern Display here recently. Lightings and stuff. But it's not worth it to go in. I got in for free! So when Bella(my partner) was having break, we went in. We kinda know the bouncer there.
Yes! They got bouncers here. Coz apparently it's owned by a Datuk. Therefore, he kinda need protection. I also don't know why la. Funny people.

Me covering up Vanessa Hudgens's face. Lolz...

My favourite childhood cartoon that my mummy always use to shut me up from crying when i was very young. I don't even remember what was the story about. But looking at Bambi, kinda gives me a calm feeling every now and then.
View from my apartment corridor.

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Damn global warming right all these lightings?! Sorry for the poor picture quality btw. Labels: , ,

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reshma reshu said...

hahah ur starbucks looks damn good la..very good place to date one can cari me there la..hahaha =) thats it u are showing me this place man..hahah =)

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