People Always Leave..


As we grow older, you will tend to find people are always leaving you behind. Friends. People you love. The circle of life?

Death. Its a destination for every living things on earth. It hurts, coz that thing you cherish, is actually vanished, disappeared forever. Memories are the only things that left behind with us. And we grieve about their death. Tears and pain. Ouch! I am not ready for that to happen to the people i love yet.

Drift. Its a mandotory for every unworthy relationship. Love. Friends. It hurts the most, coz it's something that you cherished and it's still there, but it's just not there anymore for you. No space for you. People forget about you. People just, drift.. And Leave. 

I am so sick of disappointments. I don't want to be forgotten. But i won't change myself to be someone who you please to be with. I know i am not sexy enough for you, i know i am not glamourous enough for you, i know i am many many other thing not enough for you. But at least i tried to be there. I tried. I call each and everyone of you first, until i am seriously bored of being the first to initiate it all the time. Maybe i am easy to be forgotten. 

Just let it be. Honestly, i am numb. 

Now i know which kind of friend i shall put my sincerity to, whom i shall not.

"People always leave..." It's only life.

I know i super emo. First time in my blog post. I know what i'm writing about.

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2 Responses:

reshma reshu said...

im always here and planning to stay close u guys so no u !!!

Melanie said...

:D Thanks Reshy.. U guys made me feel i am needed.

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