Dead Polo

I am so DEAD. I think i am flunking my economics. Head was heavy. Couldn't think of anything. I am afraid i am gonna disappoint my mum. Gosh!
Hate Simics! Hate the fact that he asked about Malaysia! Current issues! When i am living in the world of Chow Wankit. I guess from tomorrow onwards, i am gonna update myself with the world news de. I guess la. But i am bloody sure i can get full marks for question 1 & 2 in section C. The rest, no hope!

Finally, landlord got me a study table and chair in my room from Ikea, RIGHT BEFORE MY ECONS PAPAER! Haih.. But better than nothing ah. My headache is still here. Left 1 more paper to go, Intro to Mass Com. Tomorrow only study ah.

Anyway, I kinda don't like Polo Tess from Ralph Lauren. Coz those that i've seen, are somehow a lil bit over cliche. With the huge number at the sleve and weird colour combination. But when Wankit show me the webby of the Ralph Lauren, I am in love with this design!

It's only in one colour and it's in pink and black. Colours i love too!
I super love this too.. Tennis attire. Reminds me of my old classmate, Ah Teik who only looks good in tennis attire.
I love this too. But Wankit doesn't like it.. He said to cleavagey! Which i love!!! Super hot man!
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I am using too much 'super' de. I guess i know why those people that i see in RL Polo Ts here doesn't attract or make me desire to buy one, coz non of them got a hot body like this RL model! Maybe if Wan Hui wears it with Pei Man's boopy! Damn hot! Haih..

December is here. 1 more month till end of the year. Then a new sem.. I might need to make a very serious decision by end of this year. Just gotta need the courage to do so and have faith in myself.

I don't know what i am writing about la. Miss Elaine taught that 3 steps writting also didn't use. All so messed up! Haih! What's wrong la?! Emo la!!!!! Labels: , , ,

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reshma reshu said...

wow nice polo tshirts..wk getting u one of them ah???cool..i oso want la..n y u stress u never use three step writing la?? i mean its blogging n u can write anyway u want its ok..its somewhere u can be urself n say whatever u want...n it was cute where u said u are in wk world so where know about current issue ..hahah..
n ya what decision u have to make at the end of the year..updates plz...

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