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I have to draw the board today at work for the 10th Anniversary promo coz our usual artist isn't at work today. :[
So it's my first time drawing for my store. Hehe.. Not that nice but it's something i am proud of, coz i'm not an artsy person.
*forgotten to draw Chew King's bird.

Anyway, tomorrow is Starbucks's 10th Anniversary in Malaysia.. I know there are alot of Starbucks store at overseas, especially Australia and US, but tomorrow is our 10th years of coffee connection here in Malaysia. So we are treating every customers a cuppa Tall size Freshly Brewed Coffee from 10am till 12pm, for my store in NZX. Do come by! And with every purchase of a Grande size of beverage, you can get a Grande size limited edition Starbucks 10th Anniversary Tumbler for only RM10 or our 2009 planner at only RM18(RM1 will be donated to charity).

Yup! I'm working tomorrow morning. The free coffee hour. I'll see if i'll be tired or not.
I'm thinking of dying my hair to brighter colour. :]

This one is a bit messy tho.
This is what i'm proud of.

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