Alien Versus Vampire

I know i always laugh at Venna and whoever who cries when they leave their family to another states for studies. But when it comes to my turn.. OUCH!

Just came back from buying coach tickets back to PJ together with mummy. Will be leaving tomorrow early in the morning. My heart is so heavy that i feel like crying, but my ego stops me from crying. I don't wanna hurt mummy's heart. So many stuff had happened in my family, so many things my mummy had been through, i guess the least that i can do is not to make her worry. So tomorrow i'll be heading back to PJ coz this weekend, HELP is having some Graphic Design exhibition and i am 'help'ing out, under the supervision of Mae. It's for some extra credits to Intro to Design class, don't know true or not. After that, i'll be working again. Yup! Hope i can earn more this month. :]

I hardly come home. It is expensive to come home. 1 trip would cost RM62.20!! And i don't have the time to come home too. :[
Therefore, this trip home, i did not call nor contact any of my friends.. Just wanna rest well at home and spend more time with my family. I already regreted not cherishing 1 relative, don't wanna have any regrets anymore. I just wanna be with my family, especially my popo. She's a very very strong women.. Will always keep her in my prayers. This trip home, i really spent alot of time with my sister. She's growing up real fast, know how to go for manicure de. I never even did manicure before. Vain pot lo..
Watched lots of movies with my family too..

A romantic-fantasy, novel based, directed by Catherine Hardwicke. It's a bout a mortal, Bella, and a vampire, Edward, falls in love. Don't wanna be a spoiler here, so go watch/read it yourself. Unfortunately, i don't think it's a very good movie. Maybe apart of it is because of the cut scene by the MALAYSIAN-whatever-department-who-cuts-kissing-and-making-out-scene! I think the story isn't presented well in the film. Perhaps it will be better to just read the books? Besides that, it's a very romantic love story. Again, the storyline is GOOD but not the way the film is presented(not the romantic part offence fans/girls).

The Day The Earth Stood Still
A remake movie from 1951, directed by Scott Derrickson. It's a very good movie to discuss about, especially environmental and global warming issue. It's about an alien, Keannu, who was sent to the Earth to assess whether humanity can prevent the environmental damage they have inflicted on their own planet. Yes, they wanna kill us all. It's something like Noah's Ark.. Obviously this movie wants to instil awareness of global warming to everyone. But in my opinion, in this movie, the aliens should just kill us all. We're just too selfish to bother and care for other creatures around us. Maybe when we're all killed in the film, the level of awareness will be higher. Anyway, i love this movie, mainly coz it's a global warming issue movie.. I hope the people get the right message, not just discuss about the effects of the movie, sound system, graphic and etc..

I gotta say, The Day The Earth Stood Still WINS!

Hung out with my sister and i tried this beautiful dress from Wh.. Super love it! Coz it fits me perfectlty.

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But it's freaking RM189!!!
Nothing is perfect in this world. That's all for now..
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