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I'm a happy happy person today. Received a notice from the Post Office to collect my parcel. I got no transport to collect it, so i ask Liew(my MOD)'s help to collect it for me. So today after i went to market with Zaiza, Liew's at store with my parcel! :]
It's from my darling, lou kong.. He is having his finals now and he's unable to come back on my birthday, as well as Christmas. Well, that's not the only reason. Good luck yeah for today's Chinese paper!! Since nobody is gonna celebrate my birthday with me this year, i decided to work. Yup! At least Wankit will accompany me online. That's better than nothing at all.

He bought an Armani Code perfume. With some samples.. I guess he got it from the department store or something. Lolx..
And this gorgeous Calvin Klein Performance, quick dry material jacket.
I am so collecting all sorts of jackets.
I love jackets!! Cardigans!
When i saw this, couldn't help but teared..
It's his very very old shirt that i used to wear when he was back.
Makes me miss him even more..

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I love all these gifts from him. But at the end of the day, i just wanna be with him on my birthday. That's my biggest wish this 20th Birthday and Christmas. Labels: , ,

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JillySilly said...

Mel, he's a good man. So touching when I read that part where he gave you his shirt. Its so hard for me to give my shirts away to anyone. LOL

Melanie said...

Haha.. U being sarcastic ah? :p
He's a rare and very precious person to me.. Won't let him go.. Mummy warn me not to make him angry too. Hahah.

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