2 Owh

First of all, i wanna thank everyone who wished me on my birthday. Thanks for remembering.
Thanks Reshy for calling like 5 minutes before 12am on the 19th, sorry, i was working, so i couldn't pick up.
Thanks mummy for waking me up 8am in the morning.
Thanks Hui Ying!! For making the long distance call just to wish me.
Thanks Lou Kong for being such a great lou kong to me, accompany me, sing birthday song to me for 3 times, show me the snow, reminds his friends to accompany me, love me, care for me.
Thanks everyone who called. Thank you all..
And also, thanks Chew, Ah Long, Darimi, Venna and Sern Kia for accompanying me on my birthday.
We hung out at Pyramid and watch Ip Man. It's a very good martial arts movie that makes me real proud of myself as a chinese. It's a must watch! Will write my review tomorrow. As for now, i wana doze off! Thanks all!

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