Mirror Mirror


I am so bored this holidays. I wanna go out and find my friends. But i am too lazy to take public transport to meet them. Just finished my Angels and Demons. Orgasm book. :] Now that i left nothing to do, i find myself walking to Starbucks and hang out there with my partners. So no life right? Haha.. Today i went there after Wankit slept and ended up helping to wash dishes and all. OMG! I’m so bored!! And i miss home damn much. My sister must be using my room now to online with her new laptop under my new air cond. I miss my comfortable bed!! And my mirror. When i was back in JB, whenever i’m super bored, i will dig out all my clothes in my wardrobe and try and try and try. Wankit called it ‘mou si wan ye jou’, nothing to do, go find something to do. But whenever i wanna try and try and try my clothes, i dun have long long mirror! So cannot see if i’m right or not. :( SO BORED! About 20 more days college starts again! Yay! When next semester starts, i will be busy! Then time will past super fast. Them it’s the time of the year to see Wankit de! :]


Kinda like this dress, only RM65 Labels: , ,

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reshma reshu said...

told u so many times ur bday lets go out..but yet u make it sound we no time for u le...u know i got car oso rite..i will ask mum tomolo k...n plz k sms me k wat time ur work and wat time can go out...

Melanie said...

:D Dun worry darling.. I had a pretty great time. Have dinner as soon as Nelson is back ok?

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