Tong Tong Yun Yun

I am home! With internet! Finally for both of these.. Something bad happened. We lost her. She's gone. Tho i wasn't there to send her off, she'll always be in my heart, the aunty who truly cares for our health the most. Felt so unreal. Felt that it's not fair for me, coz i was the last to know.
Aunt Nancy just admitted to hospital few days ago before i came back to JB. Really scares me.. I don't wanna lose another relative that i never get the chance to get close with.

I am so in love the life at home now. I enjoy doing nothing the whole day. Doing house chores.. Making Starbucks coffee for my granny and mummy. :] Bonding with my sister and granny. I love home! The only sucky thing is, internet-less. Well, i got back the modem de, so i can online for now. :D
Really feel blessed, coz popo mentioned about making tong yun soon, i told her i miss her tong yun, but i might not be able to come back for 'GohTong Day'. Then she imedieately make tong yun for me just now, even it's not 'GohTong Day'. Really miss life at home..

Anyway, i had a new hair cut. My fringe is gone! And it sucks! OMG!! Pei Man! If you think your hairstyle/hair color sucks, think about mine.. It will make you feel SO much more better..
I look super 'lala' with my fringe like this. So scared the love of my life won't like it coz he's kinda an anti-lala guy. But he kinda like my innocent look. He still loves me. I can sense it. Haha.. Well, that's all for now.. I wanna continue my TVB Dramas. :]
So freaking love Lam Fung now.. Looks like the love of my life: Tall, Dark and Handsome...

JoJo's piece. Purple coloured tong yun! Yucks!

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Karthini said...

Whats tong yun??

Melanie said...

It's balls with colour/flavour made out of Glutinous Flour. Then cook it.. Then served with cooked water with a lil bit of gula malacca, a tiny lil bit of ginger and super lots of pandan leaves! it's delicious.. why didn't answer my call huh?!

Fr Lawrence Ng said...

hmmm... that brings memories of when my auntie used to make them. God Bless Her Soul and May she Rest In Peace :)

Melanie said...

Thank you.. I hope so too..

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