90’s Playback In Wembly


Been craving to have tong sui for so long, so today decided to make some Black Glutinous Rice Dessert. Since i have the car today and stupid SSI clerk lost my duplicated certificates, i try to cheer myself up by eating dessert. So i grabbed the keys and headed out for some Black Glutinous Rice hunting. After stopping at 4 marts, finally found my Black Glutinous Rice at the 5th one. Just had some of it.. :]

Finally finish watching 最美麗的第七天 (Jui Mei Lai Dik Dai Chat Teen). I love Hong Kong Love Drama series, so sweet and relatable. I am not a fan of Korean Love Drama series, always super fucking sad and never fail to make me cry like a baby! Not to say Taiwanese Love Drama, sometimes too fake and the girls always got weird hairstyles.



Anyway, Bosco Wong and Kevin Cheng’s performance were great. I always like Bosco Wong ever since i watch the gambling drama with Michael Miu(hot old man). Other than that, Kevin Cheng's character in this drama reminds me of Wankit. Always so protective, man, sweet, romantic in their own way, tall, dark and handsome. Their love reminds me of ours.

I am in the mood for 90’s music recently. I just got the urge to download Backstreet Boys’s albums. :] Suddenly miss those years.. That is when my love for music developed. Yes, i loved POP music back then.

Here are my ultimate favorite 90’s songs:

image 5 Bryan Adams – Please Forgive Me
Have you been reading my blog? I listen to this song to sleep almost every night when i was a child.




image 6 No Doubt – Don’t Speak
The only song i know how to sing from beginning till the end at the age of 9.





911 – The Day We Find Love
Sweet and romantic. Ahh.. I knew what romance was ok.






Code-Red-Is-There-Someone-391562 Code Red – This Is Our Song
Some guy named Randy, had a crush on me and he dedicated this song for me, when i was 9. WTH?! And i had this song on a CD, always listen to it.




image 7 KC & Jojo – All My Life
Everytime my baby sitter witch on the radio, this song will play and almost all the kids there loves it and knows how to sing, how can i not?





image 8 Diana Ross – If We Hold On
During the holidays in Primary 2, my aunt always pick us up from some English Language center in KL, she loves to play this song in the car, on LDP. This song is always played on LDP.




image 9 Spice Girls – Wannabe
All girls from 90’s loves this song and Spice Girls.





image 10 Hanson – Mmmbop
How can you not like to sing along to ‘mmmbop du dup dup do bop’?!






image 11 Backstreet Boys – Quit Playing Games[with my heart]
Jillian used to love this song, she used to sing to it all the time. Did you see Nick Carter in his cute hairstyle in the MTV?!




Britney Spears – …Baby One More Time
Her first hit and it inspired me to sing properly. That’s when i really started to sing.





S Club 7 – S Club Party
Everyone in Convent Primary was dancing to this song! EVERYDAY never failed to watch S Club 7 on Disney Channel.




Wish i can go back to that era. I feel so old now. There are so many more songs more i love back then, but i am not that diligent to put it all here.

I kinda love this song by Backstreet Boys from Millennium album. I bought it too. Back To Your Heart.

I heard Steven Gerrard is voted as the Soccer Player  Footballer of the Year. Congratulations Liverpool!


Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has been named the 2009 Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year.

The 28-year-old England midfielder pipped Manchester United duo Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney in the poll voted for by journalists.

Gerrard has scored 23 goals this season as Liverpool have been battling to land their first league title since 1990.

"Steven's performances this season have been of the highest quality," said chairman of the FWA Steve Bates……..


Well, at least it’s not Cronaldo again huh? So overrated with that tight shinny body. Wrooney is so much cuter and more entertaining in a match. I’m not a soccer person, i am just a soccer person’s girlfriend who loves her man alot and try to make an effort to understand the leagues and watch the matches.

I found this video, a theme song of Man United.

I have a very curious question, why Man United is going to Wembly? Where on the earth is Wembly? Can somebody tell me?

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5 Responses:

Karthini said...

You actually semangat to do all that album hunting huh? Glad you did it though, i took a trip down memory lane of my own thanks to you. I loved all those bands! Grew up listening to them. As a matter of fact, i still listen to them =)The ones that havent disbanded yet at least.Backstreet Boys were quality to listen to and their new songs are pretty good too. Have a listen.

And which Randy is this?? The one who dedicated the song to you when you were 9? Lol...9 years old also had admirers already..tsk tsk..and here i was thinking they all came in High School =P

And about Wembley, go google it la. Lol..its a legendary stadium for certain reasons. Go read up on it.

Karthini said...

You think Wayne Rooney is cuter than Cristiano Ronaldo??? Heh....i think Ronaldo is cuter but he's an ass la. His behavior sucks. But i have to agree than Rooney is more entertaining. Its fun to see him get all hot and bothered and taking a swipe at people. :P They won last night's match by the way! Haha..that much closer to the title!

Melanie said...

Randy from High School but i knew him since primary. Haha.. So funny right? So nice to be a kid.

Rooney is so adorable. I can see Cronaldo a next Beckham. Gonna be over commercialized, soon. SO i don't really like him. I used to like Beckham when he was in Man Utd, after that, not so.

Karthini said...

I know but Beckham is still hot la =) And Ronaldo is already over commercialized :p

And Randy from high school?? Lol...wow..

capt. awesome said...

wembley!wembley!we're the famous man united and we're off the wembley!..wooohoo EIGHTEEN!

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