Rock & Roll Summer


Alright. No pictures. Proves that my life in JB pretty boring huh? Well, i am busy watching The OC. Gotta it all to Darimi. And i am hoping and wishing and waiting for my good friend to come back to JB this weekend to spice things up a lil bit but i just found out she won’t be able to make it coz of college. Guess it’s me alone again.

I hope tomorrow is a better day coz mummy took a day off from work. Jusco’s got some membership sales and we were eyeing on a luggage which is super cheap. Kiasu right? She’s never this kiasu. My sister was just telling us that her friend and her family were snatching toilet rolls from the warehouse in Jusco on this pathetic sales, coz it’s RM3 cheaper. Cute huh?

I’m looking forward to it.

Anyway, listen to this song by Stars. I love.

Back to The OC!

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Melissa said...

Jusco membership sales r insane... make sure u bring some armour to fight wif d aunties k!! haha~

Melanie said...

KL also crazy wan ah? I tot JB only.. Haha.. It was crazy man

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