I saw this on Oliver’s status.


Apparently, about 300 stray dogs were rounded up by Pulau Ketam residents and deported to an isolated island to fend for themselves. Over half of them are already dead and the remaining ones may not live long. A rescue mission is being mounted and your help is needed.


It is so sad to read something like this again. I wanna help, but i am so broke right now. Once i get the money i will definitely donate money.

Please help if you can afford. Can view the updates of the rescue mission HERE too..

Imagine those dogs in the island? Like our ‘all time favorite TV drama’ Lost, just that they are all doggies.

When i was flipping through the photos, i saw a picture that shocked me


Look so much like Ringo. But he’s not. Ringo’s like this.

daRingo’s got a full black face… I guess it was the spots on the body. Plus, Ringo is way better looking than the other one. No one can ever replace Ringo.

I miss hugging Ringo. I had happy memories with him. Never gonna forget those moments, and my last hug. I wonder where is he now..

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3 Responses:

Christine said...

aww, cheer up dear :)

Anonymous said...

I miss bullying Ringo. When he was a pup I used to carry him by pinching his neck skin. Then he doesn't move. And he'd stare at me innocently. With the sad puppy eyes. Damn I hate sad puppy eyes.

Melanie said...

Xtine : i'm fine.. just miss him sometimes

Jill : u are so evil. he's a very very weird dog. that makes him adorable. i just cudn help but to imagine how scared he was when those bastards treat him. my heart very painful when i think about it. he deserves better than that. he's so innocent. and i love his puppy eyes, always kena tipu to open the door for him.

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