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My Labor Day was kinda ruined by my sis, Jo. Emo bit off my sister’s charger head, TWICE. And the second charger was from my mummy’s company. So mummy screamed at Jo on Labor’s Day morning like those ‘I AM GONNA KILL YOU’ scream. Actually the night before, mummy told Jo to keep the charger outta Emo’s reach. Obviously she didn’t. After the screaming and all, all my sister did was cry and ignored the world. I tried to tell her to go get ready for Karaoke Session and Wolverine, which i was so excited about, but she totally ignored me.

So mummy didn’t wanna disappoint me, she brought me out for groceries shopping and cheap luggage hunting! Well, she need some environmental evidence to join her company’s ‘environmental month’. So, we took these:


01052009Yes! We brought our shopping bag!

Then we prepared steamboat that night with tons of Abalone and Prawns. We even stocked up our vitamin C at home.

Saturday was cool. Helped mummy to ‘Spring Clean’ the fridge. God knows what my popo stored inside! Now the fridge is clean and spacious. And i also clean up my wardrobe, donated all of my clothes for some charity drive from mummy’s company for the ‘environmental month’. Kinda breaks my heart to see my wardrobe so, empty. Played a lil dress up with my sister, coz i think the way she is dressing is too lala and so different from Christine’s sister, Brenda.

02052009(006)This is my sister, wearing, my shorts, my leggings, my blouse, my cardigan. Decided to give her the leggings(since she look nicer in it) and the cardigan(even though i love that so much coz it’s from Abercrombie)

She just need to read more fashion blogs which i doubt she will coz she will only spend her time when she’s online playing Chinese online games and Friendster.

Then we finally went for Karaoke session on Sunday, last day of the weekend. Had a great great time with my family. And we had my favorite
Bak Ku Teh, in direct translation, Meat Bone Tea. It’s porky. That uncle from that shop smiled at me again! Always love going there for lunch. I think he likes Jill and i. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been eating there since young, probably almost every single week.



Then we made pizza that night. Woo!

100_4763My favorite, mushroom!

Anyway, i found these in my phone. Christine is so gonna kill me for posting these up. But i never find it ugly, it’s fun memories..

These are some pictures taken on the last day in college at Mid Valley. We were playing with wigs.


For the first time, she looks like Brenda in the picture above.




Christine’s hairstyle in 20 years time.


And me posing as a CRAZY MAD AUNT!


And also this..

25042009(002)Emo and i with my big nostril. Taken before Steamboat on the day i came home.

I talk too much now.

I am so busy lately at home relaxing and The O.C-ing. :]

Have a great holiday peeps! I’m gonna have a great LONG one! Especially when i am reuniting with my long lost love in 14 days from today.

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4 Responses:

su-lyn said...

Love the part where you and mummy brought your own grocery bag!

*hugs* :)

Christine said...

omg, i look like an aqua in the last two wig pictures, hahahaha! love you! :)

Melanie said...

Su-lyn : OMG! I miss u! We often bring our shopping bag out. :]

Xtine : NO LA! The last one only. The 2nd one looks more real.. The hair. Hairstyle maybe in 20 yrs?

brenda w. said...

hahaha omg i just read your post. you just insulted me because my sister looks super ugly in that photo!! haha and your sister is so skinnyyy. super jealous now. you're so pretty lah. :) and i know it's kinda late to be posting on this blog post, haha. xx

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