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Hung out with Jacqueline after a short visit to school to certified my certificates. Sang in Redbox and all. But the main highlights is,


9223743_raJacq’s model is P80 and this is P90.

I always thought i like sleek and slim kinda camera but NO! This is so cool. It’s a semi pro camera, plus video mode. :]

It’s super huge, but i don’t care. Picture perfect is what i care about!




It’s a beauty huh? Not so pro, not so not pro. Just nice for me. :]

It’s my this year’s wishlist. Of coz, i’m gonna work for it.


It can capture pictures like this!







Owh, here are the features :


What's Included

  • Nikon Coolpix 12.1-Megapixel Digital Camera
  • Rechargeable battery, charger
  • USB cable, A/V cable, wrist strap, lens cap
  • Software Suite CD-ROM
  • Owner's manual

Product Features

  • 12.1-megapixel 1/2.33" CCD
    Captures high-resolution images up to 4016 x 3006 pixels.
  • 24x optical/4x digital/96x total zoom
    Wide-angle Zoom-NIKKOR glass lens gets the whole landscape into the frame, then gets you close to the action for sharp, clear pictures.
  • 3" high-resolution Vari-Angle TFT-LCD monitor with electronic viewfinder
    Find the best shot, review it, then share it even in bright sunshine.
  • High ISO sensitivity
    Up to ISO 6400 for improved image capture in low-light conditions. Optical Image Stabilization reduces image blur caused by camera shake and vibration.
  • Motion detection
    Automatically detects moving subjects and adjusts shutter speed and the ISO setting to compensate for camera shake and subject movement.
  • Scene modes
    Include portrait, night portrait, sports, landscape, party/indoor, beach/snow, sunset, food, dusk/dawn, night landscape, museum and fireworks show provide automatic settings for each condition.
  • 9-point autofocus
    With Face Priority autofocus that locates up to 12 faces in a frame and automatically adjusts the setting for great portrait and group shots.
  • Smile mode
    Automatically releases the shutter when your subject smiles. Blink warning displays a warning message if the camera detects that your subject has blinked.
  • Continuous sport mode
    Lets you capture up to 15 fps for up to 45 frames (in 3MP mode or lower) for fast-action shots.
  • White balance modes
    Include auto, manual, daylight, incandescent, fluorescent, cloudy and flash to achieve natural tones under different lighting conditions.
  • Built-in auto flash
    With red-eye reduction, flash off, flash on, slow sync and fill flash modes.
  • Special photo effects
    Include standard, vivid, black-and-white, sepia and cyanotype.
  • Movie mode
    Records video clips of important moments.
  • 50MB internal memory and Secure Digital/Secure Digital High Capacity memory slot
    Lets you store your digital photos with ease (media not included).
  • >> Store more photos! Find compatible memory cards in our Memory Center!
  • Built-in USB and A/V outputs
    Ensure easy connection to your computer or television.
  • PictBridge-enabled
    For easy printing from a PictBridge-compatible printer.


It’s nice to meet up with Jacq. Met lots of teachers, chatted a lil. :]

George, where are you?


Anyway, tomorrow’s Labor Day. Mummy’s got plan for us, Wolverine maybe, and she wanna sing K. I’m happy coz i get to sing, AGAIN, but scared coz mummy’s singing. Hahha..

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8 Responses:

Chew said...

ask wk buy, its only like 1K+ USD only

Melanie said...

no need.

i wanna buy with my own hard earn money. like this only satisfying. orgasm! like cannot sleep after i bought it, will feel unbelievable.

keep thinking about it after that.

Melanie said...

CHEW! paiseh.. typed wrongly, not D90, it's P90..

amb3r1te said...

babe, i tried the brown eyeshadow technique, but it doesnt work for me, my eyes are too cina. i've got single eyelids, so the socket part of my eye has too much flesh, cant get any crease :(

btw, i want a semi-pro cam too!

Anonymous said...

D90 pulak... scare me...
P90 ah... hmmmmmm....
if you wan smaller this type of semi-pro camera..
can survey canon's or sony's one...
*brain-washing* hehe... XP

Anonymous said...

Omg lar those product features gave me headache
I didn't read hahahaha
Don't you miss meeeeeee? sobsob

Melanie said...

Jeremy : No le.. Dun brain wash me de. I fell for this Nikon P90 de. NO turning back :P

Sandra : Those are useful info le.. And of coz i miss u! But bukannya u at JB??

Anonymous said...

obviously u should go out and spend some quality time with ur family la...i mean swine is not in malaysia so y u stressing...n u went out with jacq so what was the problem???babe seriously la whats the issue of going out?? go have fun with ur family la =) resh

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