Crazy Day


So mummy dragged me to visit her relatives yesterday after collecting the passport.

Everything was great. I was still happy about the grant and all.. Happily dreaming about life there, hard core and HARD CORE LIFE!! And there’s also gonna be sweet sweet lovely days with him there..

But, as time goes by, i was getting a lil bored and lil tired of the old aunties and uncles talk and etc. So bored. And the boyfriend haven’t wake up, so i didn’t wanna call him and chat with him..

That kinda spoils my mood.. a little..

Then, as time goes by after the as time goes by, i got very bored and very tired of their chats. And they dragged my dinner time! I was so hungry!! :[

I wasn’t happy anymore. :[

:[ As long as mummy is happy, never mind la.. So got home 11pm.

Showered and all.. Web cam with Wankit.

Felt more cheerful after i see him. Then we talk and talk and chat and chat even though my whole body was tired. :]

He never fails to cheer me up.

Anyway, mummy’s on her way back to JB now. Starting to miss her now..

I can see my relationship with her is getting better and closer as time is running out.. And also compared to my rebellious years, yeah, we’re definitely closer now.

Haha.. When i’m in States, would be worst. But i’m strong enough.. I will miss her, damn much.

Here’s some relatives pictures:

100_4648aThen the folks digged out some old pictures..

This is my mummy on the right, and Aunt Sharon on the left.

100_4651Popo Lulu and Fun Ee(the girl she’s carrying)

100_4653 Peng Ee!!!! OMG! Like never change.


I think i am falling ill and i should be studying!

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18 Responses:

Karthini said...

Look after yourself first. Only then can you study. I got sick before my exam too. Not a good thing to go through. Have good sleep and eat well. :) I like your jeans by the way..i desperately need one too. :(

Melanie said...

I got the jeans from a boutique in sutera utama for only rm60!! when i'm back, we go together k?

wen.yi. said...

hey..when are you going to the states?

Melanie said...

12th June :]

wen.yi. said...

oooh..come visit
have you got your ticket? how much is it?

Melanie said...

If got enough money, will definitely go.. At least it's nearer compare to Florida.. u going there too?

wen.yi. said...

yeap..i'll be working in cedar point themepark =)

Melanie said...

u're gonna work there? is it under a program thing?

wen.yi. said...

uh and travel program. I'll be working there for 4 months and then I get about 1 month to travel..

Melanie said...

for summer? when will u be leaving?

pins + pegs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wen.yi. said...

sorry..pins+pegs was me. forgot to log off. =/
but yeah for the summer..will be leaving 26th may =)

Melanie said...

that's soon.. gt ur visa de huh? i haven reconfirm with my agent who's booking my ticket. most probably tomorrow i will know the price. it's gonna be around rm7k +.. what about urs?

wen.yi. said...

already got my visa done..all i have to do is pay the ticket..
holyy..7k! mine's 3.7k round trip (KL-cleveland, LA - KL)
united airline is having some promotion this should check that out..

Melanie said...

plz gime the website!!!

wen.yi. said... prog agent is settling it..but they're going through this travel agent.

Bintang Biru Travel & Tours
441-2-8, Pulau Tikus Plaza, Jalan Burmah, 10350 Penang
Tel: 604-227 1618 (6 hunting lines) / 227 1613 / 227 1615 Fax: 604-227 1620

you could try contacting them..

Melanie said...

thanks.. but i just remebered that i'm following my boyfriend and his family. they booked MAS ticket de.. so gotta follow them. urs rm3k or USD$ 3.k?

wen.yi. said...

ooh..mas is expensive now..

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