I Am Loser 46.5


I was at my aunt’s house, baby sitting again.

Then i saw the weighing scale. I am not a big fan of weighing scale. It’s not that i don’t like the fact that i am heavy, just that, my weight will be around the same.

  • 2004 – I was 59kg
  • 2005 – I was 57kg
  • 2006 – I was 52kg

I was around the same weight ever since. Sometimes 53kg, sometimes 52kg. It will never change.

Therefore i am always motivated to go on diet based on the firmness of my body, more towards the outlook of my body. Never really weigh myself.

I do muscles exercises, to firm up my body. Sometimes only la..

So when i was at my aunt’s place just now, i weigh myself since i haven’t really seen my weight for a very long time. And it shows, freaking 46.5kg!


I thought i didn’t see it clearly. So i asked my cousin to read it for me. IT’S 46.5KG!!


Should i be happy or not huh?

I mean, i am finally back to the weight that i was when i was in Form 3, but i still see fats around my body!

Is this an unhealthy weight? :[

I am worried.

I think it’s time for me to go back JB to put on some weight.

People might think i am some freaking-anorexia-girl! I am not. I am just eating a little unhealthy without being able to cook or eat freely. It sucks living with your landlord who is crazy.

It’s actually my fault for not taking care of my health.. I shall not let this happen again. I shall regain my weight back to 50kg. It hurts to see my weight dropped so drastically and i can’t do anything about it at the moment.

I must go back JB to eat!!!

Jason: See what Instant noodle can do to you?! Instant is bad…

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5 Responses:

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha you were heavier than me!
Now you're lighter than me
You know, my housemate told me she went to Malacca to study, her weight went up almost 20kg after staying there for 3 months
She said there's food everywhere in Malacca, you hardly starve

Melanie said...

I tau ok.. I love Malacca's food too!
:[ KL's ok.. But expensive and no car. Abit tough..
WORST! I can't cook here. Or i won't be so miserable.

Luckily at night got my aunty's cook. But i don't dare to eat that much also. You la. Influenced me. Hahhaa...

Karthini said...

Honestly, i dont think that that weight is that healthy for someone your age and height. Tr to bring it up a few KGs. Certain functions of your body will stop working well like menstruation for example. A few KGs wont make you obese la..you can afford to put on some weight. :)

Melanie said...

:[ I want to put on some weight too le..

yaya! my menstruation is kinda not stable..

I just don't like to be 46.5kg.. Maybe 50kg is ideal for me.

Everything Malaysia said...

we wish to see our acc figure UP !
we wish to see stock index UP!
but girl wish to see weight DOWN !

wish you have a balance weight and lost the unnecessary fat...

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