I went for US Visa interview today and i got it! Woot!

So i can’t wait to say goodbye to everything here and start anew with the one i truly love the most besides my family.

Was watching Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 Episode 19 the night before.. Something about this soup opera, makes me cry almost every single episode! It’s like a second Touched by an Angel. Alright, i was crying the other night because something happened to Izzie, some kinda terminal cancer. She hide it from her friends and blah blah blah.. She was scared to tell her friends, her doctor friends. She was scared that nobody will be there for her and blah blah blah.. But she told Yang. Yang wanted to help her but she refuse to receive treatment. So Yang couldn’t just sit and watch her die, so she told everyone.. The episode ended with her friends helping her to get dress to stay in the hospital for treatments..

Kinda makes me think, who would be those friends who will be by my dying bed, sincerely, besides Wankit and my family?

Friends, i have plentiful of them. Close friends, i have very rare of them.

I have plentiful of superficial friends whom i thought they are my true friends, until college starts.. Life happened.. Different common grounds? Whoever they became, i don’t wanna be them. But it’s them after all, i have no say on their behavior.

Well, before that i did try to keep in touch with them all. I tried calling them as often as possible when they were in college and i was still in Form 6. Silly silly me.. When i don’t call, they never call back nor even try to chat with me.

Now, i should be clear on who’s worth keeping as a friend and who is not huh?

But i was more foolish to hold on to the friendship that i thought it was there.

So i cared and concerned a lil.. And, my comment was deleted and labeled motherly.

Life happened. People changed. Friends come and go, but true friends and true love stays.


I have true friends, luckily.. It’s just a pity that we are studying so far from each other.. Trust me, she knows me the best after Jillian, Mummy and Wankit.. Grew up together. Gossiped. Played.. She’s the one who always finishes my sentences, don’t know how lah! I still don’t see any difficulties for me to turn to her when i needed a shelter and advice, or just plainly talk crap. We still chat alot everyday, keep in touch, hang out once in awhile.. She’s a friend that i would wanna keep for a long long long long time.

stpm 049

And there is another one.. Same pre-u, now same college. She’s always been a very good listener, no wonder she’s doing psychology. We will always try to meet up in college, when we have free time. I see no reason dumping you. It’s just sad that i won’t be able to meet up with you in college anymore. I’m very sure we’ll keep in touch.. Coz i’m sure i’ll need a psychologist by my side.


Then these 2 monster. Crazy jokers that i sadly met in college.. We should have met earlier. Spent most of my everyday in college with both of them.. Really glad to meet someone like you both, so nice, crazy!!, cool and unsmoked and undrunk. Haha.. Been a very good listener too.. It’s a pity i won’t be staying long to be apart of both of your lives.. I will miss you both alot.

As for the other good friends, i’ll try my very best to keep in touch with you all. I know you all do care, you know who you are.

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jacqueline said...

No problem Mel... BE happy and we will be happy for you too...=D i will be here whenever u need someone...=) congrats for the Visa~~

UncleJosh said...

friends come and go, they stay for now but never forever... some would leave and be back... when there isn't any common ground, the friendship would go astray... no matter how much you guys had been through before... i've buddies whom i would risk my life for back in high school, they are now hi-bye friends... i've hi-bye friends who turned out to be friends whom i hang out with alot...

:D it's alot about how you perceive life


Anonymous said...

i dont have to say this to u everytime but just knw that im not ur hi-bye frend but im here to stay as ur bestie n i care damn lot and u can always depend on me..so ya guess wishing u good luck n best wishes always in anything u do k is all i can pray and hope for ...u tc and love ya..-resh-

Melanie said...

Jacq: thanks! woot!

uncle: i know.. everybody changes, that's the sad thing about life. sometimes it disappoints u alot, and hurts. the best thing to do, know what's worth keeping, and what's not. life...

Reshy: you are not my hi bye friend la.. you are the 'you know who you are' friend i mentioned. :]
will miss ur loud loud voice.. and your advise..

Christine said...

i know lah you "love" wankit, hahaha! BUT I KNOW DEEP DOWN INSIDE, YOU LOVE ME TOO! hahaha I LOVE YOU, SEXY CAMERAWOMAN! :)

Melanie said...

Christine, i only love wankit. hahaha..

Anonymous said...

Awww Smelly Melly!!!
That's very nice of you
At first I was reading the first part, I was like sigh I must have been a bad bad friend
Smelanie surely won't be missing me when I'm gonna miss her so badly while she's in the US
But then as I scrolled down, I SAW OUR PHOTO!!!
Love you too Smelly!
(Even if you don't love us)

Karthini said...


No words in the world can ever describe the friendship bonding that we've once cherised and shared during the past 8-9 yrs of our lives. We've been through so much together that it would take forever for me to ever write up a book about us, and all the things we did together.
Just wanted to say THANKS and LOVING YOU for everything we've once shared.
No one is this world will ever replace what you've done and offered for me. You are one in a million to find in this life time, and I highly doubt I would ever meet another special person like you ever again..

I'll always love you no matter what.. You will always be in my heart and never ever taken away :)

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