Unmotivated Semester



Here’s my ugly looking face when i’m studying at home. With the one eye big, one eye small look.

I am so unmotivated to study this sem. Why? I don’t know. Is it because i know and excited that i’m leaving soon to be with Wankit?

Or is it because of the subjects that i’m taking this sememster?

Let’s see…

The Movies

Interesting subjects, yet very technical. The only tips we got is “realism, formalism and classical”. Very informative. And i got 18/20 for my reviews assignment, 21/30 for my project and quiz, don’t know yet. I passed my subject! Therefore, very unmotivated to study. I should be studying, coz if i put in more effort, i might get a big fat A! :]

But i haven’t start anything yet. Should be an easy subject to score, now that my assignment marks is kinda ok.

moving on…

Advertising Copywriting

I skipped almost most of the classes because i couldn’t stand the lecturer’s habit on being late for class and canceling classes without giving any earlier notice. Hate her damn much! Couldn’t stand her! Waste my time, waste my money. The worst part of her late habit is, she like to be late for like 1 and a half hour before class ends and her excuse is, she lives in Bandar Utama, got MAJOR traffic jam, that’s why she comes late to AVOID the jam. So i don’t really learn much from her because i don’t bother to waste my time attending her classes.

I haven't start studying yet. Should be an easy subject.

Information Technology, Mass Media & Society

No idea why is the name of the subject so long when there is no difference with Intro to Mass Com, just that it’s a little more detailed in the Mass Media world. And it’s quite technical too. All facts. Laws. I skipped the classes towards the end of the semester. Too lazy to take the public transport home as it ends during working hour.

Started studying and it’s so boring.. So unmotivated.

Communication In Workplace.

The lecturer is good! He’s the man! Haha.. Just gotta work a lil harder on the preparation of the examination then i’ll be fine. Unfortunately, until now i haven’t start preparing.

Ok. Let’s see how i’m gonna die during my finals.

I think it’s all the boring subjects all crumpled up in 1 semester. That’s why i am so unmotivated.

I need some pan mee after exam in SS15, Christine, Sand? OK?

Anyway, i don’t know why i keep getting distracted by my laptop. All the Facebooks, Twitters! OMG! Everything la.. I have to put my laptop underneath my bed to avoid myself from touching it. Even if i have to off my web cam. I wanna see him sleep while i’m studying, but I CAN’T! Too tempting.

Oeh! This morning! Such a good morning to sleep.. Was raining and cold. But i gotta wake up at 7am to study. Haha.. I delayed. I asked Wankit to wake me up an hour later.. Then i ate Roti Sardin with a nice cuppa Nescafe, i do miss my Iced Grande Skinny Caramel Macchiato. I miss taking orders and placing my fingers on the screen to key in the customer’s order. :[ I miss working for Starbucks.

I’m starting to blog like Sandra.

I’m off to help my aunt to take care of babies! Bye.. I’ll be back to study later.

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9 Responses:

Anonymous said...

Hehehe pan mee at SS15!
That's pretty far wey!
Ask Kidyie out? ;)
I would love to have lunch with her or something
Can even drag Ren Shen out because they know each other anyway!
Omg I'm starting to look forward to that!
And starting to blog like me, what you mean huh?
Very bad now lar huh?
Never mind
I close one eye
I still sayang you =)

Melanie said...

Hahha.. Not bad not bad. You gt ur own style of blogging ma..

Anyway, Xtine said wanna go ss15 eat pan mee after exam. help me ta pau nasi lemak for breakfast tmrw ok? :]

As for Kid and RS, boleh jugak..

Anonymous said...

lol! haha! sure!! ;DDD come to Pyramid lar!

Christine said...

sand, tapau for me also! :D :D

xoxo said...

wah ask kidyie out to anywhere besides sunway is damn hard la.
anyways will be up kl end of this month and im dragging you out out out!

(sorry for the spam!)


Karthini said...

To quote you "Lets see how i'm gonna die in the finals"???????? What is that supposed to mean?? You have to try hard Mel and have faith in yourself. I know its easier said than done and even i dont follow this advice of mine, so i'm no better, but honestly, you have to. You have so much potential. Dont let it go to waste. I know you can do it.

By saying those words above, you've already given up. Weren't you the one who told me to try hard and not give up?? So dont yeah? TRY TRY TRY!!!!! :)

Oh and my maths lecturer is just like your Advertising Copywriting lecturer. A complete fool who cancels classes and doesnt inform well. Bodoh betul! Haih...

Anyway, all the best for yur exam on Monday! I will pray that for your calmness throughout the exam. Dont panic! :)

Melanie said...

Kid: Pyramid so near to 15, come 15 la.. :P

Suph: I'm going back JB end of April. U come KL for what?

Thini: I will try try try.. Very hard de. :[

xoxo said...

just going up with a few friends la cuz exam ends a day before the trip.
lol miss kl so much!
then doing some visiting and stuff there but will be back here after a few days only la.
hope to meet you up somewhere in may (:


Melanie said...

KL is a nice place when you have a car. IF not, it's a crappy place.

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