For The Sake Of Redang


For the sake of Redang, i decided to spend wisely this whole week in KL with these beautiful babies that taste salty and plastic-ish.

100_4668 I have no idea if it tastes nice or not.. Never try it before. But i never like the taste of instant noodles, taste like plastic! Yuck!

Well, it’s only for a week and i’ll be cooking my delicious meal at home.. I can’t really cook here. The landlord is crazy! Never, ever stay with your landlord when it’s a old female, unmarried.

Nescafe Gold is such a great friend. :]

Keeping me awake whenever i am sleepy. Always makes my day and night, day.

Been studying the whole morning, while Twittering and YouTube-ing.

I haven’t been on YouTube for so long and i just found out about the YouTube Orchestra Carnegie Hall competition. I am so impressed by the auditions, but not so with the speed of loading. Wonder who’s fault, YouTube or Streamyx.

It’s really nice to listen to orchestra. I love to listen to classical music and symphony kinda genre whenever i’m feeling stressed. That’s why i have a list full of classical music on my playlist. :]

Which reminds me of home…

When i was in Form 6(very stressful year for me), i always listen to Symphony Radio station when i’m picking my mummy up from work after tuition.. I listen to it early in the morning when i drive to school, when the sky is still dark, all you see is lights passing you by very fast and feel the rhythm of the symphony.. So relaxing.

I’m still feeling bad for Sandra. She wanted to go back to Malacca this week but she stayed for me. She wanted to spend more time with me before i leave. :[

But i never show up this whole week. And she is ill.. Please give me some idea to sayang her..

I feel so bad.

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10 Responses:

jacqueline said...

yOu can have my Taiwan instant noodle !!! PORK flavour one....hehe.... nice one.....=D

Melanie said...

when is ur exam? monday get from u? hahaha... how much wor?

Karthini said...

All you have to do to sayang your friend is spend time with her la. Isnt that what she wanted in the first place? To hang out with you? :)

And your landlord sounds like my former landlord. She was really grumpy most of the time and she said absolutely no cooking! What an ass. But i still cooked anyway :P

But im not much of a cook anyway la. You have to cook something for me when you're back. Havent tasted your cooking! :)

Melanie said...

Alright.. Shall invite u for a dinner at my place one day. Let me know when u're back k? Must go out!

Anonymous said...

Yeah lar spend time with us mah
Ish ish

Jason said...

I eat instant noodles all the time. However, I've never eaten plastic before. Instant cup noodles, every students' best friend :)

Melanie said...

Sand : Will spend before i leave la.. Sorry k.

Jay : OMG! It has been years since we've keep in touch, wonder how you track my blog. Haha.. I hate instant but sometimes, no choice. Won't call them my best friend, cz it's unhealthy.

Jason said...

I googled "Instant noodles" and it led me to your blog. What coincidence haha.

Melanie said...

ew! why would u even google instant noodles?

Jason said...

Cause its every student's best friends =)

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