Shocked To Death!



I just found this in my Evernote when i was citing and doing my assignment.

Gosh! I was fucking shocked when i opened my Facebook notification and i saw ‘Mahfouz’ that name!

My heart nearly dropped until i saw the ‘Malaque’ then i know it’s not him…

Only my very very close friends, Thini, knows who i’m talking about. The really scary and pathetic stalker that stalks me in High School. He made me didn’t enjoy my High School. Arggh! He’s scary! Some people said he’s fine, some people said he’s possessed. I don’t know. To me, he’s possessed. Coz his eyes are crazy only when he stares at me! Omg! I don’t wanna talk about it.

On the brighter side, i’m done with my assignment! Now left 1 more, that have to deal with Ashreena, my partner.

And, i found this lovely boots on Crocs!


Isn’t it beautiful? It’s $34.99!! :] Check it out HERE.

There are other designs that caught my eyes too..





I’m into bright color shoes lately. :]

Wish to have them all one day…. So comfy.

Ok.. I’m hungry now.. Going to aunty’s place for dinner!

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Karthini said...

Oh shit! Mahfouz????? That was so freaking scary! I was so shocked when i read your post!!! Oh man, that is one guy i never wanna see again.But you're sure that it isnt him? I do wonder what happened to him and like you, i believed he was possesed la. Eeeee....anyway, forget about that lunatic. Gives me the creeps!

I like the crocs!! So cute and it really looks comfortable! Quite attractive also what! Lol..many people said that crocs are ugly. They have no idea what they're talking about :P

I want these too!!!

Melanie said...

i dun wanna see him either! but the last time i saw him at hometown, really freaks me out too! first thing on my mind, HIDE! hhahah..

jacqueline said...

i know about that too mel... remember u told me???=-= dun care about him la.... did u accept his friend request?? how come he can comment on your page?? block him or something if you dun feel good about it....dun think too much too..its just a comment after all..... delete it..

Melanie said...

Haha.. Thanks Jacq for remembering!! Only my close friends knows le. But Thini knows the name. Haha.. He didn add me la.. It's another guy, not the same one.. I don't think he even knows how to use internet to track me down. But i guess he's not that smart to track me down, or else he'll be in HELP de lo.. Hahha..

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