Let Me Go Home


I am suppose to study now but my heart isn’t here with Info Tech.


My heart..

  • is with Wankit.

    I can’t wait to go.. Mainly coz i can’t stand these few days pathetic weather. Crazily hot, I must say.  But to think about it, it’ll be summer when i’m going there, so NO DIFFERENCE!

    I just miss him alot and i wanna feel him again.

  • is at home

    I am so thrilled to go home after exam! I can’t wait to cook all the good food for my family. Honestly, i miss cooking alot. I miss eating JB food alot too, not to mention, Juivy’s cook.

    I also wanna spend more time in my room that i used to call my comfort zone, which is now occupied by my lil sister. :[
    Gonna chase her out when i am back. Haha…

  • is missing Popo Lulu and Jillian Jie Jie

    Suddenly only.. Don’t know why.

I am giving up on this semester. The information is crazy! I think it’s because i skipped 3 weeks of classes, not to mention 1 week of being 1 hour late for most of the classes except for Communication in Workplace.


Sometimes, even Zan’s lecture is mainly about himself, it’s easier to remember what he say in class, at least i know what to study for examination.

I know. No use crying over spilled milk.


My marks, definitely can pass, but not an A. :[


I really can’t study Infor Tech de. :[

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5 Responses:

Anonymous said...

argh i hate studying too la... =( now oni i going to start chap 6..been saying that since yesterday nite la..obviously cant finish all the chaps before 8am tomolo la =( i oso long ago give up edi la =(resh

Melanie said...

Give up only la. Join the group

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha Mel wants Resh to join the dark side!

Karthini said...

Woi!!! You're asking people to join the dark side???? Ish ish....

Melanie said...

Yes! We kill dumblydore!

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