Seems On The Way Back To Places


I had the weirdest dream ever last night!
I dreamt that i am a journalist and i was with my crew in America covering on some news. Then suddenly the rest of the reporter was running out of the press conference hall, so i followed, you know, don’t wanna lose out. Then we all started climbing on a mountain with heavy snow falling down from the sky. My winter wear was pretty heavy, seems like it’s very hard for me to run up the mountain. Suddenly i asked my partner, what are we covering for now?

She said: The Earth surface just changed and now we can see a small town of Japan from the top of this mountain.

At first, i find it unbelievable. So i tried my very best to run the fastest speed to be the first to get the cover of the story. Then we reached the top.. And i saw a small town that has houses that resembles Japanese architecture. And in my mind was like, “Woah!”

Then I thought i dreamt that Sandra was prank by Darrick, Wankit and friend’s old classmates.. I thought i dreamt that she was prank that Sern Kia met an accident.. Then it ends.

Then after 5 hours after i woke up, i suspect it wasn’t a dream, so i rang Sandra up! And she was really prank! She told me on MSN last night..

So never, ever, ever message me when i’m in the middle of a sleep, i might think it’s a dream.

Anyway i just found out why i dreamt about America, Japan and journalism last night after discussing about my dream with my boyfriend.
Because i was chatting with Felicia last night. Was talking about my stress on my visa application to the States and she told me her parents just did their visa to Japan.
And i told her i was pursue in Broadcasting/Films/Televisions.. So yeah..

Now.. Christine Wong’s Birthday’s pictures..

Ok.. I kinda used Blair’s look on GG on this hairstyle.

100_4512 da93aab07b090c5fdecff8fdc3f4dce8

The Birthday Girl!

21 years OLD de..



She need to put that fringe aside to let us see her beautiful eyes.


And the birthday girl with the newly bald dude!



The whole day i was trying to lay those ruffles thing on my chest flat.

It’s so stubborn! Makes me looks like i’ve got fins on my chest..


Sandra was late.



Joanna: Should i squat down?


And i had a Titanic moment with Christine.

My Jack is in States..


Nelson the bad cameraman


The girls clubbing in Redbox


All of us got student ID for Redbox except for Sandra.

We even tried used my SSBN card, The Mailbox Express Student Card, Popular Card..

I swear this is my last time going to Redbox when i’m so broke..

Cost us about RM16 per person for the stupid keropok!



The Spice Girls moment!


Christine, i hope you had the best 21st Bday from us, with The Fray from all of us..

I had fun. I won’t deny it.. But we kinda went out of our budget, kinda hurt me a little after that. That is why i’m in a mess.. I guess only my boyfriend can understand and know why i am in a mess. I’m so glad he made me realize before i go out of hand.

Anyway, mummy made an appointment with the US embassy de! WooT! I need all the luck in the world..

And me and the guys’s Redang trip is booked! I’m so excited!

Seems like things are getting back on track for me.

Except for finals is around the corner before i had up 2 more assignment next week.

Ps: Gossip Girl is pissing me off now.

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some people call me the space cowboy:D

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some people call me the gansta of lurve

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