She’s In Town


The mummy is in town! :]


It’s really nice to have her around for a few days. She’s here to help me settle my visa and all.

Probably help me to move some things back from this crappy apartment that i am staying at to JB, my home!

I can’t wait to go home for 2 weeks after exam, before i come back to PJ to see the boyfriend again.

Anyway, here are some things i planned to do when i’m home for 2 weeks:

  • cook more and learn more new dishes and blog about it! Haha..
  • do more house chores before i leave
  • meet up with my friends before i say goodbye
  • spend more time with family
  • meet daddy and spend some time with him
  • eat all JB’s favorite food! yummy! kuey tiaw kia!
  • learn how to make the perfect ice cream cake for Wankit
  • bake all i can and fully utilize the oven before i leave coz no oven at his place.. gonna miss baking
  • work out
  • read Twilight and many many more books. Perhaps re-read Half-blood Prince and Angels and Demons
  • bond more with my sister
  • have more midnight chats with popo lulu
  • do TOEFL exam
  • and.. watch Prison Break for Wankit

Yup! That’s all. Nothing much.. It’s just 2 weeks..


Mummy is dragging me to meet a relative that she’s close with at Cheras today, until at night!! :[

I am so unwilling to go. I wanna webcam with Wankit.. But it’s mummy’s wish, so gotta go..


Last night, mummy and i chill and have a heart to heart talk by the pool. Talked and joked about everything, from daddy to Wankit, aiyah… Everything la..

It’s really nice to talk to her like this. :]


I am wondering is Sandra back in Malacca now for a weekend?

I hope she brings her books back to study, we only got a week to study for finals!

Therefore, i shall announce it’s crazy mugging week next week, starting on 12th February, Sunday!

That means, i have to stock up the caffeine beverage that people love to call it COFFEE!

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5 Responses:

Christine said...

you're leaving so soon :(

Anonymous said...

i know chris...super emo man =(-resh-

jacqueline said...

yeah... so fast............

mickyie; said...

i just changed my blog!

kidyie here btw :)

Anonymous said...

Smelly... don't go can? =(
Anyway we need to catch up with each other while you in JB
I might be spending a lot of time in JB after finals
My grandma's still sick =(

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