Suddenly i’m all so into Twitterland. Haha.. Now my Facebook profile is full of status updates direct from Twitter. OMG! Like Michael J.Campton. Only difference is, i update about myself, not about news. If i’m irritating you Facbooks people, do let me know. I shall remove the application if it irritates you.

Ok. One of the reason i love about Twitter now is i get to follow Tom Felton! My all time childhood/teenager celebrity crush! Woot!

Yes.. Tom Felton’s on Twitter too.

And he’s in Rome now with his girlfriend Jade.


image That’s his girlfriend kissing an upside down deer.

image [source]

Nice huh? I wish i can Twitte pictures from my phone here in Malaysia. Probably when i get to States i will instal it.

And i also get first hand news from New York Times, Britney Spears, Pete Wentz, John Mayer.

If you are a very up to date person, Twitter is gonna be your new best friend.

And if you got friends who’s got Twitter, you can receive their latest updates, thoughts and so on..

Twitter also have other sorta like dashboard for you to organize and receive or send your Tweets like Tweetdeck and Twitter Fox.


This is Tweetdeck.

What are you waiting for? Go get a Twitter now, don’t leave me lonely in this Twitterland. Add me!

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8 Responses:

Karthini said...

OMG! You're stalking Tom! Hahaha...he looks hot now though. :) And Twitter huh? Hmm...i dont know if i'll be adding it. I'll check it out.

Karthini said...

Lol...i just joined Twitter..for you..but im so lost...:P

Anonymous said...

Eh I got Twitter too leh
But I don't use it because my life is pretty much blah
I don't really explore Twitter too

Christine said...

same here, sand..

Melanie said...

first of all, update it..
second thing, go follow ppl.. like nyc or britney spears

Melanie said...

haha.. correction, NYT nt NYC

mickyie; said...

oh! shoot. i can see my icon there D: OMG. TOM HAS A GF?! -dies-

Melanie said...

ya lo.. the gf quite pretty wan le..

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