Monday Blues FREE


For the first time, this semester, i woke up on Monday morning at 8am, feeling happy and a lil tired too.
No Monday Blues. :]

Then breakfast came into my mind. Hehe.. No more Butterscotch Bread that is so tasty that always gives me diarrhea.

What came into my mind was, hot and spicy Lontong Kering with Chicken Rendang! Yummy!

So i got outta bed and went downstairs to check out what’s for breakfast before i brush my teeth.

And i saw this!!

100_4733Lontong Kering!!

Might look yucky to you all, but it taste super nice. :]

Not the first time mummy bought what i wanted to eat in the morning, the last time it happened, she made me her famous Mee Siam when i was craving for it.

Before i had my breakfast, i did laundry and all.. feel like such a good girl. Haha.. Do house chores and everything. :]

Then in the afternoon, i was very very sleepy. I think it was because i didn’t have my coffee in the morning today. So after had almost 3 hours of sleep in the afternoon, i had my Nescafe Gold and i was pretty charged up!

Started to clean more of the house like non-stop! And started to prepare dinner.

Today i cooked,

Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Egg(my favorite)

100_4742 Chicken Wings! Don’t know what do i call this in English.

But it’s ‘mern kai yok’ in Cantonese. :] With lots of garlic!

Gotta add this in ‘Melanie’s Specialties’.


Pictures when mummy is home with the dogs!


Hmm.. What to cook for tomorrow?

Owh! And i really need to re-read my Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. SHiok!

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3 Responses:

Karthini said...

Haha...i dont think Lontong Kering looks yucky! Not one bit! In fact i love it! Yummmmmmmm!

Melanie said...

:D sama sama
when are u coming back?!

Karthini said...

I have no idea as of now :( Probably in two weeks time. Thats just an estimate though. Will keep you updated :)

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