Slow Woman At Work


I still have 2 more assignment to complete then i’m done. Well, not so, still got 4 more final paper to go! Woot! And i still haven’t started any, not to say revising too!

Anyway, i think i will spend 1 hour doing the introduction of Communication In Workplace:Diversity at Workplace. Then i can go have dinner before heading off to swim with the guys! Woot!

Owh! And i am on and off motivated to tone down my body. Sometimes i will do some push ups, sometimes i’ll just sleep or watch Grey’s or Gossip Girls.

And i’ve subscribe to Martha Steward’s podcast on iTunes!


I love podcasts! Really glad i did my thesis on Podcast.

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Anonymous said...

hahaah even im looking at the ques for comm in workplace and like what????????? super dont understand k..was in class but didnt know what he talking about oso la =)sad la ...last min somemore la this reshma hahaha =)its ok la we slowly do la k =)

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