McD In A Stressful Monday Night


Studying Introduction to Films now.

Peng Ee’s car was broken in today. Her window is gone. Phone is gone.

Worst of all, yesterday was her birthday. :[

Jily isn’t here too. :[

I wish i’m back home, can be there with her, tho i knew she’s a strong strong person.

Just a random thoughts:

How i wish i have someone to study with me, during examination period?

How i wish that same person will accompany me out to buy snacks or perhaps go have McDonalds with me after being so stressed at studies?

Or maybe a walk with Oreo McFlurry?

But i can see it coming.. It’s only gonna be 1 sem without it. :[

By the way, i’m not really that stress.

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8 Responses:

Anonymous said...

i oso can be that person la...but i oni dunno the way to ur house la..if i know sure i drive there come visit u edi not studying oso anyways..aiyo i oso want mcd la now..u stay so far so hard for me to visit la =( resh

Melanie said...

If only you can remember la. :P
Then i wouldn't be alone. :[

Anonymous said...

And if only we stayed together like how we hoped =(
You laaaaaaa

Anonymous said... me ma..i afternoon shif..always hungry after work..

Captain said...

opss...forget to put name..long..haha

Melanie said...

Sand : Sorry.. Even if we stay together, probably won't be going out for McD at night. We both also kiasi. Unless we got car. haha.. Probably share RM3 of delivery cost, RM1.50 each!

Captain Long : ya hor! when ah u afternoon shift? then u come back midnight right? can eat mamak nearby together. wee~~ sure not one? later make me shiok sendiri je.

Anonymous said...


(No need tell the whole world right? hahaha)

Melanie said...

I kiasi also ma.. If no car, i also dun dare to go out.

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