Unbelievable Indescribable


I’ve been skipping classes for like almost 3 weeks now.

Yesterday i decided to attend college to spend some time with my college mates.

So i woke up this morning, thinking of whether should i go to college.


In the bathroom, still thinking..


Was dressed nicely. Was thinking of taking great pictures with them. So i got all dressed up.



In the lift, still thinking..


Because i spent the whole afternoon packing my stuff. Oeh! Today my friend’s picking up my stuff back to JB for me. :] So i gotta pack everything by today.


100_4659 Finally all packed!


I only leave 1 week of clothes for me to survive here in PJ.


Then i slept quite late because i’ve got something to do. :[

That’s why very tired.


Then waited for the bus while talking to Wankit. He wants me to go to college.. But as the bus stops in front of me, i ended up at mamak having breakfast and now i’m blogging at home.


I am so horrible, i know.. Sandra is mad at me. :[

I’m so sorry Sand..


I got a feeling she’s gonna kill me the next time she sees me.


As for now, i wanna take a nap before i start studying again.


Here’s some random pictures i found in my phone.

The baby my aunt has been baby sitting.. Sometimes i look after her when my aunt is busy.

We call her, Little K.




I carry her until she sleeps.

Damn tiring. :S


Sunset view from my apartment’s corridor




Sorry Sand..

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16 Responses:

Christine said...

haha after you texted me, i decided not to go also...

Melanie said...

Sandra is gonna eat us up next week.

She was suppose to go back Malacca but she stayed for me. Wanna spend more time with me but i didn't show up. :[

Die la.. I feel so bad. We better make a trip to Malacca after JB during ur holidays k?

jacqueline said...

we must hangout in JB!!!

Melanie said...

Eh i need to go back to SSI to do something during holidays. Wanna ikut ?

Anonymous said...

i oso angry la =( hahah =) was so excited to hang out edi k..but end up me sandy jamie chan and ashy makan at mcd with sandy's fav malay food..haha =)-resh-

Anonymous said...

n i didnt know u dressed up edi wei..u gila la...bus right infront of u n u decide not to come edi...funny la...n ur second pic with ur stuff look damn damn alot stuff man...craziness ya..how did u bring all here la...-resh-

Anonymous said...

Anyway Mel, since you're not using, errrr can I have those clothes hanger back? ;p
I not enough haha

Melanie said...

Resh : very tired la. haha..

Sand: Ok. You need extra of what you gave me?

Anonymous said...

I meant clothes hangers lar

Melanie said...

i know.. u need more or not?

Anonymous said...

oh? you're leaving KL d?

Melanie said...

the weekend after my exam, next week.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha no need lar Mel

mickyie; said...

woah. so fast?!!!! leaving for kb or usa?

mickyie; said...

haha! so sorry for the numerous use of accounts :D potterkid is also mickyie; and = kidyie. XDDD

Melanie said...

nvm kid. going back jb to spend more time with my family before i leave malaysia to US

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