Home Sweet Home ♡


Greetings from Johor Bahru!

I am finally home. I am very very happy!

Anyway, my last day in college was cool, tho i wasn’t very clear of what i answered for Advertising Copy writing's paper.

“Want some Milk-Bone, dawg?”


We had a late surprise celebration for Ashreena after our exam ends on Friday! And it was my last day in college. What do you think huh? Skip it? No way man..

Quote of the day on friday,

“I thought Christine said, ‘Hi, I’m Ran’, when Christine said ‘Hi Amran’”

“EH! AMRAN” when Sandra saw Amran, the PTPTN admin infront of him

How can i not miss them?

It was so nice to hang out with all of them and i will definitely miss them alot. We bowled after lunch at Nando’s. :]

It was my first time bowling with my girlfriends, besides Justin and Julian.

I scored 98 only. My score will never reach 100, thanks to mummy’s curse and my whole body is aching now.
That’s why i didn’t update ever since i got home.

Plus, Friday night was super busy packing my things and Chew, Long, Elaine & Josh came over. The weather was so hot, so we all jumped into the pool to swim!

Body aching all over. Hehe..





I love them all..



I look like i got HUGE ass.


I got a feeling Sand don’t love me anymore. She refuse take pictures with me. :[

Anyway, JJ and Emo’s at my place to stay over for a week. So i will be dogs sitting!






Mummy went to Batu Pahat for some bowling tournament today, so i prepared dinner to celebrate her victory. :]







I must say, i love the feeling at home. Owh..

Jacq! Faster come back, let’s go lepak.

Xtine, Sand, Resh! Come JB! I wanna spend more time with you all..

23 more days to be in his arms again.. And i am still very much in love with him.

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6 Responses:

jacqueline said...

OMG mel!!!!! I want to go back there and LEPAK too!!!!!*Cry*
Its so sweet of you cooking for your mum.. i never know you can cook~!haha.. anyway, the chicken looks really nice to me.. and i am so hungry now after a breakfast+Lunch+dinner just now at 3pm till now....=( ... but hey, i am going to gorge myself with all the food back in JB.. ...With YOU! and Sand if she can make it...hehe.....We will go around JB before you go NJ k?=) congrats to your mum man... she's awesome!hehe....ohya, and i think Sand will always love you la... dun worry...haha~ maybe that day was a bad hair day for her...Lol... I've just absorb the Star dust and few other movies in these few days just to NOT to miss home that much... and you guys too...=( ONE MORE, just one more and i will be back!hehe... see you in JB soon!Muak...

Anonymous said...

Hahahah eh people blur lar about the Amran thing!
My mom read this post and I had to explain the whole story
Then your mom's bowling thing
Hahahaha anyway, I LURVE YOU VERY MUCH MEL
Just that, well, I memang ugly mah
Taking photos standing next to you makes it worse

Melanie said...

Jacq : food hunting! with teik and yeap!

Samd : you are not ugly. people are all the same. besides u always look gorgeous to me.
and my mum kinda trained me when she pratices for competition. very stressful playing with her, unlike with u all. come JB we bowl nak tak? hehehe..

jacqueline said...

want!!!!I bowl and you know that right?=D

Melanie said...

of coz i know la jacq. we're in the same school remember? =.=

Melissa said...

OMG... ur mom is a bowling champ!! no wonder her daughter plays like 1 too!! ^^

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