Cheesy Twister


Really love this new skin but somehow i hate this coz the theme can’t be uploaded by Windows Live Writer. :[

So, i’m still hunting for a another nice theme. Haha..

Last Saturday, Christine throw a party that Sandra decides to skip. A POOL SIDE PARTY!! Awesome! Nice music, no RnB.. My friends were there.. Twister! Rachael’s fantastic Cheesecake that Chew keeps eating non-stop. Well, i wanted to have another one too but for the sake of Redang, decided to skip Rachael’s delicious Cheesecake.

Christine, remember to ask for the recipe from Rachael ok? :]

The guys was twisted up..


Then Christine was thrown to the pool

100_4620The she tried to get me wet


Tak jadi darling

Damn Rock Star this picture!!






It’s pronouns as Ka-Neh



Few highlights from this party:

    1. Christine was thrown to the pool
    2. Rachael made 2 fantastic cheesecake
    3. One of it ended up all over Christine
    4. Christine stinks like mad after that. EW!

I had fun.. Too bad i wasn’t able to swim.

Anyway, yesterday i was a very good girl. I did most of my Communication in Workplace’s assignment. Now left 2 improvements only.

My aunty is so in. She introduced me to Jaiho by The Pussycat Dolls! It’s really nice!! Haha..

But today, i got up pretty early, and i wasted my time watching Grey’s Anatomy and i changed my blog skin! Haha.. I just changed the blogskin of Wankit and i’s blog. I am such a bad girl today. Maybe i’ll feel guilty and i’ll do it after this post? You’ll never know. The afternoon is still young!

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3 Responses:

Karthini said... was an interesting twist to the song to add the Pussycat Dolls to it. Nicole looks good in traditional ( okay, not THAT traditional ) accessories. And the twister game looks really fun!

Melanie said...

Yeah! I know.. She chould be a very very hot indian.
I am thinking of getting a Twister.. But if i bring it to States with me, who's gonna play with me? :[

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Wan Kit play with you lar
Ask his brother and Pita!
And of course, his parents
Also, I think Nicole looks good in an Indian ensemble too!
Super hawt!

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