Early Popo Lulu Day


Jusco sales was crazy! Mummy bought me a ‘MUFC’ bag for like RM112 after 80% discount. The original price is RM500+, pretty huge and light. :]
Bet it’s fake. But the sales is crazy.. Bought some Jade pendant and bracelet for Popo for mother’s/granny’s day.

Almost everyone with a trolley bought toilet rolls, some even ‘rollS’. It’s crazy.

Mummy treated me some yogurt ice cream. It’s ok, not my kinda thing.


Met Lim Yvonne. She’s getting taller, my God! I feel so short beside her..

Dyed popo lulu’s hair coz she’s got Mother’s Day dinner with her ‘Tai Chee’ association gang. She kinda slept off after awhiled.


Yesterday met up with Yvonne, Wan Hui and Wan Lin. It was nice. Crazy as always..

Quote of the day :

“I’m A DEL” when it’s suppose to be, “I met Adele”.

So are you an ACER?

Then meet up my family at another mall for Popo’s Day dinner with Aunt Cyndie and Uncle Alex. Arggh!






Just came back from a breakfast with Yeng Pyng and Ying Ci, had a long long long chat with them. Catch up with life.. A lil window shopping at the boutique nearby. :]



I’m starting to hate the way i blog. It’s like as if i have no life. Haha..

I guess i am getting my life back in 9 days.. Finally single digit.

Back to The OC.

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Anonymous said...

wah u say u blog like no life but u got do damn alot of fun things k..like never at home like that =) good la u having fun..im like mega bored man =( resh

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