Finally after so long, 9 months, reunited with the love of my life. He is healthy. He is still as handsome as ever, maybe more macho now. Haha..

Unfortunately, no internet line at his place, so gotta blog and get internet from cafes and Starbucks.







We are fine. And i am happy. Met his parents and all. Nice. But time is really running out. So we’re pretty busy.

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JillySilly said...

Just make sure you have the time to stop by online to say goodbye...

floral said...

ahhh...sweet... :)

Melissa said...

Hey, intro the love of ur life to us b4 u leave!! Hehe.

shereen w said...

i kinda notice that he's always wearing that pink polo tee. lol~

Anonymous said...

wah super cute la =) good la u guys happy ya..n yalah must go out before u leave la k..maybe one of the nites la k =) -resh-

Melanie said...

Jilly : Goodbye or not, we bid our goodbyes in T3 de. :[ We're still gonna see each other online. It just that, here, connection takda.

Floral : Thanks

Mel : You didn't come the other day i was in college!! Patty seen him de.

Shereen : Haha.. I only take picture of him when he wears that shirt.

Resh : At night u can not? See how k?

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