Last Big Thing In Town


Was waiting for my JB makan kakis to come back from Uni to teman me before i leave JB again. They said they will be back on the 12th but still got no news from them until the 14th coz they just reached JB. So we went out on FRiday together with Jacqueline. :D

Actual plan was head to Malacca and have a feast but can’t make it happen. So we just hang out in JB. Visited old school where all of the memories were there. Had breakfast near school, like old days.

Outside the corridor of class


In class!


This is what we do almost every single morning at 6.45am.
I will be dreaming or studying
Teik, Guan & Yeap will be sleeping
Just 10 minutes before assembly starts, Teik will wake up to do his daily routine to torture Guan.


That was the best part.
It was very entertaining. It’s my morning entertainment.



Guan in agony


There was this time when the guys were crazy about this Japanese anime, Bleach, Teik took a highlighter and did some samurai sword swing real hard like as if he was chopping Guan off with the highlighter. The next thing we know, Guan’s whole shirt was highlighted with the ink. Then i used my Pink highlighter to do at Guan too.. I was a bully too. Haha..


They changed the Teacher’s desk..


Jacq Jacq and i


Had bubble tea before Karaoke Session


n756950675_2620659_5348619 (1)




Singing chinese song with pinyin from my phone


Sang like almost 4 hours, damn tiring..
We sang like we were in a concert, our own concert of coz.



This picture is so Anorexic.


“To the left to the left”


I don’t know when i will be seeing them again, in the air port maybe? But i really miss hanging out with them in Form 6. Always a joker with the best advice in town.

I will definitely see Jacq more than them of coz. Need to do some college stuff before i leave.

Wankit will be flying back to Malaysia in an airplane in half an hour. I can’t help it but to worry about his health and his safety. Stupid Swine Flu.

Will be traveling back to KL later and gonna meet my man tomorrow morning. :D Finally, our long distance relationship is gonna end. I learnt alot from this LDR, NEVER BE INVOLVE IN A LDR ANYMORE!

It was a tough journey for both of us. Lots of miscommunications and misunderstandings. It’s always better if we were near each other, but we can’t. I am just GLAD that it is over now. And amazingly, i never love him less after all of the misunderstandings and miscommunications.

I just hope he returns safely.

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3 Responses:

shereen w said...

Aww~ so sweet! I'll be meeting you guys too if I can make it in June! stupid Swine Flu yes! hmph!

Anonymous said...

Becareful in the states now. And you havent intro him to me yet. hmph, *stomp feet*

Melanie said...

Shereen : Yeah! Come man.. I need teman. He's safe and sound. Nothing happens. :D Hope to see u soon!

Nic : haha.. Will try to find some time k.

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