Locked And Drenched

Day before yesterday, Sern, Chew, Dar, Long, Venna, Josh and SSY came to my apartment to swim. Unfortunately, i got so excited when they were here till i forgotten to grap my keys which in my room and i locked my room. Yes! I was locked and i don't have spare key. So waited for my landlord to come all the way from her sister's house to open the door for me while the guys are already swiming.. Managed to get out after 30 minutes then went to join the guys at the pool. Had lotsa fun with them, especially the part when Venna got thrown into the pool. :]

Only had 3 hours of sleep last night. Had a lil disagreement with Wankit coz of some miscommunication. I guess he didn't encode properly and i didn't decode correctly.
I'm really lucky i am with such a great great guy who never fails to give me happiness each day of my life ever since we got together and always forgives me whenever i am being unreasonable. I'm sorry if i made your life a lil harder, but this is the road we both choose to go. I can't write anything mushy here, but what i wanna say is, i love you and i will never regret this.

Jo, Maya & KK
My adorable niece.. Chindian!!
So hard to get her to look at the cam.
Started working at Starbucks today. Didn't learn much but it was less boring than Station 1. Dranks lotsa drinks. :]
Had one with EXTRA whippied cream and EXTRA caramel. HEAVEN!

Just waiting for my hair to dry now and go to bed without talking to Wankit. And go to college and ston. Labels: , , ,

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